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An official model of USS New England (AD-32) photographed in 1946
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Class:        NEW ENGLAND (AD-32)
Design:        Navy AD-32
Displacement (tons):        8,637 est. light, 16,750 full
Dimensions (feet):        529.5' oa, 520.0' pp x 73.3' e x 23.9' full
Original Armament:        4-5"/38 (2x2) 4-40mmQ 12-20mmT (1945: Design)
Later armaments:        --
Complement:         --
Speed (kts):        19.6
Propulsion (HP):        12,000
Machinery:        Westinghouse geared turbines, 2 screws


AD Name Ord. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
32 NEW ENGLAND 22 Feb 45 Tampa SB 10 Aug 45 -- --

AD Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
32 NEW ENGLAND -- -- 12 Aug 45 Canc. --

Class Notes:
FY 1944. AD-32 was one of a group of tenders (see the AD-26 class for details) that underwent numerous reclassifications, contract transfers, and design changes. She was originally ordered as AS-28, an AS-11 class ship, on 25 Nov 43 from the Puget Sound Navy Yard. She was reclassified AD-32 on 12 Aug 44, following which she was to be built as an AD-14 class ship by Puget Sound using the plans produced by Tampa SB for AD 17-19. She was reordered from the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 8 Nov 44 in place of AV-18 and was again reordered from Tampa SB on 22 Feb 45, with Philadelphia acting as the lead yard for the design.

On 23 Nov 44 BuShips reviewed the General Board's 1940 characteristics for destroyer tenders and indicated areas in which AD-32 would be modified to reflect war experience. Accommodations were added for 350 men bringing the total to 1,100, which was the number actually being carried in AD-14 class ships. The ship would have one geared turbine Destroyer Escort twin screw machinery plant with two additional boilers to supply steam for the tender functions; this plant would produce 12,000 horsepower instead of the 11,000 of the AD-14 class. The Bureau proposed a main battery of 4-5"/38 guns in two twin mounts instead of four singles, to get larger and clearer areas for handling stores, to facilitate ammunition supply to the mounts, and to permit mounting four 40mm quad AA mounts in an excellent lozenge arrangement. A walkway was added around the forward side of the pilot house to improve ship control, and the number of destroyers to be supported was increased from 15 to 18. Three shops were added including a generous one for radio, radar, and sonar repair plus shops for ECM and instrument repair. The General Board concurred with these changes and on 10 Feb 45 recommended modified characteristics reflecting them. On 23 Feb 45 BuShips forwarded to CNO, the other Bureaus, and relevant operational commands the contract plans for the new ship. Additional new features included raising the pilot house one level to provide clear sight lines over the forward 40mm quad gun mount, adding caps to the funnels, and deleting the mainmast. On 4 Jul 45 the Bureau of Personnel selected a sponsor to christen this ship and informed her that the tentative launch date was 1 Apr 46. The ship had not yet been laid down, however, and was cancelled on 12 Aug 45 two days after her keel laying.

For more on this ship see Robert S. Egan and Stephen S. Roberts, "USS New England, AD-32," in Warship International, No. 3, 1977, pages 229-238.

Ship Notes:
AD Name Notes
32 NEW ENGLAND Ex AS-28 12 Aug 44. Earlier orders: NYd Puget Sd. (25 Nov 43, to AS-11 design), NYd Philadelphia (8 Nov 44, to AD-14 design).

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AD        1945

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