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USS YDG-6 photographed by her builder on 18 January 1944
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Class:        YDG-6
Design:        Navy YMS
Displacement (tons):        196 light, 277 full
Dimensions (feet):        136.0' oa, 130.0' pp x 24.5' x 8.5'
Original Armament:        2-20mm (1944)
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        28 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        14
Propulsion (HP):        1,000
Machinery:        Diesel, 2 screws

YDG Name Reclas. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
6 YDG-6 12 Aug 43 Bellingham Marine 8 Mar 43 4 Jun 43 14 Jan 44
7 YDG-7 23 Dec 43 Bellingham Marine 25 May 43 20 Nov 43 15 Mar 44

YDG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
6 YDG-6 9 Jul 46 19 Jul 46 7 Nov 47 MC/D 7 Nov 47?
7 YDG-7 25 Mar 46 12 Apr 46 27 Aug 47 MC/D 27 Aug 47

Class Notes:
FY 1942 (YDG-6), 1943 (YDG-7). On 8 Jul 43 BuShips selected YMS-344 for conversion to a degaussing vessel. On 20 Dec 43 CNO authorized conversion of YMS-480 (which had been PCS-1462 until 27 Sep 43) to a mobile degaussing vessel in place of PCS-1461. The YMS and PCS types were built to the same basic design, the PCS being a patrol variant of the YMS, except that the PCS (including those redesignated YMS) lacked the smokestack of the YMS type. The conversion of YDG-6 and probably YDG-7 included an elongation of the forecastle deck house, a rearrangement of the spaces therein, and removal of the 3"/50 gun foundation. Degaussing equipment included material for two complete independent coil ranges, portable magnetometers for calibration, cable and other equipment for deperming destroyers and smaller ships with the assistance of a minesweeper fitted with a diesel generator (although cables for deperming Liberty ships were omitted), and additional cable, floater hose, and accessories for the flash-D treatment of submarines. The relatively large boat stowed aft was for use in deploying degaussing gear.

Ship Notes:
YDG Name Notes
6 YDG-6 Ex YMS-344 12 Aug 43. Unsigned receipt from buyer, Alaska Pipe & Salvage Co., is dated 5 Nov 47. Merc. JOE M. (U.S.) ca. 1947
7 YDG-7 Ex YMS-480 23 Dec 43, ex PCS-1462 27 Sep 43. Decommissioned after teredo damage to the entire underwater hull was discovered.

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