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Store Ships (AF)

Classed as Supply Ships from 1898 to July 1920





On Hand 1920-1922


Other AF Hull Numbers, 1920-1945

Note: Between 1898 and 1920 the term "supply ship" was used for most auxiliares that were not colliers, transports, or tenders. On 1 May 1920 the Bureau of Construction and Repair noted that the type "supply ship" was understood to include what were then known as supply ships, cargo ships, and ammunition ships and suggested making this type less comprehensive. When the Navy's standard hull classification scheme was implemented by General Order No. 541 of 17 Jul 20 two new classes, Ammunition Ships (AE) and Cargo Ships (AK), were created and the ships listed as Supply Ships in 1918 reverted to the sailing-era name of Store Ships with the new class symbol AF.