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Class:        JOHN P. KENNEDY
Design:        Sail
Displacement (tons):        350 (tonnage)
Dimensions (feet):        Unknown
Original Armament:        1-24pdr howitzer, 2-12pdr howitzers
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        45
Speed (kts.):        --
Propulsion (HP):        N/A
Machinery:        Sail, possibly ship rig

AF Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
-- JOHN P. KENNEDY ca Mar 53 Unknown -- -- 11 Jun 53

AF Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
-- JOHN P. KENNEDY 31 Oct 55 -- Nov 1855 Sold --

Class Notes:
An Act of Congress of 3 Aug 52 ordered a survey of the Bering Straits, North Pacific Ocean, and China Seas, which were "frequented by American whaleships and trading vessels in their routes between the United States and China." In early 1853, before 1 April, the Navy purchased at New York for $25,000 the sailing ship SEA NYMPH to be used as a storeship in this expedition, which was named the Ringgold-Rodgers Surveying Expedition after its commanders. SEA NYMPH's home port may have been Galveston, Texas, and she was referred to as a "ship," otherwise her origin and specifications are unknown. She was renamed for the Secretary of the Navy during whose term in the Fillmore administration, from July 1852 to March 1853, the expedition had been authorized and organized. The other ships in this expedition were the sloop of war VINCENNES, brig PORPOISE, steam bark JOHN HANCOCK (q.v.), and schooner FENIMORE COOPER.

JOHN P. KENNEDY departed New York in June 1853 and arrived at Simonds Bay, Cape of Good Hope, in September. She departed Simonds Bay in November in company with the expedition and arrived at Batavia, Java, in late December. She took an active part in surveying operations in Indonesian waters until putting in at Singapore in April 1854 en route to Hong Kong, where she arrived in May 1854 for repairs. In August the high cost of placing her in good condition, more than the cost of replacing the ship, prompted Lt. John Rodgers, who had succeeded Commander Cadwalader Ringgold in command, to turn JOHN P. KENNEDY over to the U.S. East Indies Squadron to become a guard ship at the American Factory at Canton. She arrived at her new station on 22 August 1854. She departed Canton on 20 October 1855 in tow of the steamer USS POWHATAN and arrived at Hong Kong the next day. Her stores and outfit were transferred to USS MACEDONIAN and on 31 October 1855 the ship was turned over to the sailmaker of the MACEDONIAN. She was sold at Hong Kong in November 1855 for $10,000.

Ship Notes:
AF Name Notes
-- JOHN P. KENNEDY Ex merc. SEA NYMPH. Sold in November 1855 at Hong Kong.

Page Notes:
AF        1853
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