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USS Malanao (AG-44) on 28 July 1942
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Class:        MALANAO (AG-44)
Design:        Cargo, 1912
Displacement (tons):        1,077 light, 2,250 lim.
Dimensions (feet):        224.0' oa x 40.0' e x 13.8' lim.
Original Armament:        3-20mm (1942)
Later armaments:        1-3"/50 3-20mm (1942)
Complement:        --
Speed (kts.):        8
Propulsion (HP):        900
Machinery:        Craig vertical triple expansion, 1 screw

AG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
44 MALANAO 3 May 42 Craig SB, Long Beach -- 1912 3 Jun 42

AG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
44 MALANAO 18 Feb 46 12 Mar 46 4 Jun 46 BU --

Class Notes:
FY 1942. On 4 Apr 42 the Auxiliary Vessels Board recommended that the Navy acquire five steam lumber schooners then on the West Coast for use as small transports and utility cargo vessels. Intended for duty at Pacific advanced bases, they were designated AG 42-46. The ship initially selected as AG 44, DOROTHY PHILIPS (a sister to AG 42-43), was soon replaced by FLORENCE OLSON. Renamed MALANAO, this pre-World War I ship was converted by General Engineering & DD Co., Alameda, Cal. and operated as an interisland cargo carrier in the Hawaiian Islands and Central Pacific during World War II. She had been a West Coast lumber carrier between the wars. In October 1944 it was discovered that the hull plating and framing in various parts of the machinery spaces were badly corroded and wasted away in certain areas behind tanks, condensers, and other auxiliaries, because of the age of the vessel and the inaccessibility of these locations. The ship was scrapped instead of sold because she could only be kept afloat by continuous pumping.

Ship Notes:
AG Name Notes
44 MALANAO Ex merc. FLORENCE OLSON, originally PARAISO (ID-2194, completed Dec 12). Converted by General Engineering & DD Co., Alameda, Cal. 23 May 42 - 6 Jul 42. Scrapped at Mare Island 1946 after decommissining there.

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