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USS Taganak (AG-45) on 26 July 1942
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Class:        TAGANAK (AG-45)
Design:        EFC 1044 (variant)
Displacement (tons):        2,580 std., 3,900 full
Dimensions (feet):        261.0' oa, 251.0' pp x 43.5' e x 16.4' mx
Original Armament:        3-20mm (1942: AG-45)
Later armaments:        1-3"/23 3-20mm (1942: AG-46);
1-3"/50 3<5-20mm (1943-45: both)
Complement:        55 (AG-46, 1944)
Speed (kts.):        10
Propulsion (HP):        1,200
Machinery:        Triple expansion, 1 screw

AG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
45 TAGANAK 23 May 42 Toledo SB 23 Apr 17 1 Sep 17 26 Jul 42
46 TULURAN 16 Oct 42 Toledo SB 29 May 17 3 Oct 17 11 Dec 42

AG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
45 TAGANAK 25 Mar 46 12 Apr 46 10 Oct 46 Sold --
46 TULURAN 20 Dec 45 8 Jan 46 1 Jul 46 MC 8 Aug 46

Class Notes:
FY 1942 (AG-45), 1943 (AG-46). These vessels were Laker-type cargo ships built to a variant of the Norwegian "Fredrickstad" design (later designated EFC Design 1044). They differed from other variants of the Fredrickstad type in that they were rigged as lumber schooners with four tall masts. The future AG 45-46 were ordered by the British and initially had British WAR names. They were requisitioned by the Shipping Board while under construction and subsequently served in the Navy during World War I. See the AG-36 class for three ships of a different variant of the Fredrickstad type that were used on weather station duty.

On 4 Apr 42 the Auxiliary Vessels Board recommended that the Navy acquire five steam lumber schooners then on the West Coast for use as small transports and utility cargo vessels. Intended for duty at Pacific advanced bases, they were designated AG 42-46. Of the two Lakers in this group, AG-45 was chartered on 23 May 42 and purchased on 28 Sep 42. Originally EL CEDRO (ID-4323A, built in 1919 to EFC design 1060 as COUPARLE) was to have been acquired as AG-46 (replacing the initially nominated ASTORIA, a sister to AG 42-43), but at the request of WSA, ANNA SCHAFER was substituted on 16 Jul 42 with the same Navy name and number. She had been acquired by WSA from Schafer Bros. on 10 Jul 42 and was operating in Alaskan waters under a General Agency Agreement. ANNA SCHAFER's acquisition by the Navy was further delayed because she was needed for provisioning troops in Alaskan ports before they became icebound.

Ship Notes:
AG Name Notes
45 TAGANAK Ex merc. OLYMPIC, initially LAKESHORE (ID-1792, completed 4 Oct 17) ex WAR SHELL. Served in USN as LAKESHORE 31 Dec 17 - 6 Mar 19 (to be listed separately). Converted by General Engineering & DD, Alameda, Cal. 23 May 42 - 14 Jul 42. Placed in commission in ordinary 1 Jul 42. To NDRF 1 Jul 46 but sold by Navy 10 Oct 46 as merc. OLYMPIC. Scrapped 1960 as LULU.
46 TULURAN Ex merc. ANNA SCHAFER, initially LAKE SUPERIOR (ID-2995, completed 6 Nov 17) ex WAR BAYONET. Served in USN as LAKE SUPERIOR 12 Dec 17 - 31 Jul 19 (to be listed separately). Completed conversion by General Engineering & DD, Alameda, Cal., 8 Dec 42. To buyer 7 Jan 47, scrapped by 27 Feb 47.

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AG        1942
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