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USS YAG-8, later USS Manhasset (AG-47), on 25 March 1942.
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Class:        MANHASSET (AG-47, ex YAG-8)
Design:        Cargo, 1922
Displacement (tons):        1,600 light, 3,170 full load
Dimensions (feet):        250.0' oa x 40.2' m x 24.25' max
Original Armament:        1 or 2-1pdr (1942: AG-48)
Later armaments:        2-4"/50 4-20mm (1942: AG-47 and probably AG-48);
1-4"/50 1-3"/50 4-20mm (1943: AG-47)
Complement:        --
Speed (kts.):        11.5
Propulsion (HP):        1,300
Machinery:        Hooven, Owens, Rentschler Co. triple expansion, 1 screw

AG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
47 MANHASSET 2 Jan 42 Bethlehem St., Sparrows Pt. -- 16 Dec 22 26 Mar 42
48 MUSKEGET 29 Dec 41 Bethlehem St., Sparrows Pt. -- 10 Feb 23 3 Jan 42

AG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
47 MANHASSET 15 Oct 45 30 Oct 43 22 Oct 43 USCG 16 Oct 46
48 MUSKEGET -- 26 Oct 43 9 Sep 42 Lost --

Class Notes:
FY 1942. These two coastal freighters were completed in 1923 for the Eastern Steamship Co., Boston. CNO directed their acquisition on 9 (19?) December 1941. They were initially taken over as unnamed District Auxiliaries (YAG) for use as guard ships for the inshore patrol in the 3rd Naval District. Their conversion features included an armament of 2-4"/50, two 12" searchlights, and facilities for a crew of over 50 officers and men, plus another 50 for guard and boarding duties. USS YAG-9 was placed in service as a guardship on 3 Jan 42 prior to conversion and entered the shipyard for conversion on 30 Mar 42 after the completion of YAG-8. She probably did not return to service after this conversion but transitioned immediately into her conversion to AG-48 at the same yard. USS YAG-8 entered the conversion yard around 12 Jan 42 and was placed in service as a guardship on 26 Mar 42. A log survives for her for 26 Mar - 1 Jun 42. She was placed out of service soon after commencing conversion to AG-47 in late June.

On or before 19 May 42 it was decided to convert YAG 8-9 to weather ships to replace SEA CLOUD (later IX-99) and NOURMAHAL (PG-72) respectively on weather duty. They were reclassified AG 47-48 and given names selected by the Coast Guard on 30 May 42. After a second conversion, they were transferred to the Coast Guard and commissioned with Coast Guard crews, AG-48 on 30 Jun 42 (commissioned 1 Jul 42) and AG-47 on 8 Aug 42.

AG 47-48 were Navy owned but loaned to the Coast Guard for operation and administration and were neither in service nor in commission in the Navy. These arrangements led to confusion over who would assume the logistics of the vessels, and to clarify the status of the vessels CNO on 22 Oct 43 instructed BuShips to transfer the jurisdiction of the surviving four ships (including AG-36 and 39-40, q.v.) for all logistic purposes to the Coast Guard. As a result BuShips cancelled the Navy classifications of the ships and removed them from the list of naval vessels. 22 Oct 43 became the date of record for transfer of MANHASSET from the Navy to the Coast Guard, while the original date of 30 Jun 42 remained effective for the lost MUSKEGET.

Ship Notes:
AG Name Notes
47 MANHASSET Ex USS YAG-8 (no name) 30 May 42 and name assigned. Ex merc. WILTON (yard no. 4214, completed Feb 23). Converted to YAG at Sullivan DD, Brooklyn, N.Y. 12 Jan 42 - 21 Mar 42. Converted to AG-47 at Sullivan 27 Jun 42 - 8 Aug 42, when she was commissioned and loaned to the Coast Guard. Jurisdiction transferred to Coast Guard as USCG MANHASSET (WAG-276, ex WAG-47) 22 Oct 43. Decomm. by Coast Guard 15 Oct 45. Merc. MANHASSET (Panama) 1946, wrecked 4 Jul 47.
48 MUSKEGET Ex USS YAG-9 (no name) 30 May 42 and name assigned. Ex merc. CORNISH (yard no. 4215, completed ca. Apr 23). Converted to YAG at Sullivan DD, Brooklyn, N.Y. 30 Mar 42 - 18 May 42, and then immediately converted to AG-48 there, completed 29 Jun 42. Loaned to Coast Guard 30 Jun 42 and commissioned in Coast Guard 1 Jul 42 as MUSKEGET (WAG-48). Last heard from 8 Sep 42, probably sunk by U-755 9 Sep 42, publicly declared overdue 10 Oct 42.

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