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MV Veedol No. 2, later USS Guyandot (AOG-16), on 12 October 1942
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Class:        GUYANDOT (AOG-16)
Design        Small tanker, 1930
Displacement (tons):        800 light, 2,873 dwt.
Dimensions (feet):        251.1' wl x 44.0' x 16.7' load
Original Armament:        1-3"/50 4-20mm
Later armaments:        --
Complement        23 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        8.5
Propulsion (HP):        1,250
Machinery:        1 screw, 2 diesels, electric drive

AOG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
16 GUYANDOT 22 Mar 43 Pusey & Jones, Wilmington 1929 4 Mar 30 17 Apr 43

AOG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
16 GUYANDOT 12 Jan 45 28 Apr 49 12 Jan 45 Trf. --

Class Notes:
FY 1943. In June 1929 the Tidewater Oil Co. took delivery of the coastwise diesel-electric tanker TIDEWATER from the Pusey & Jones Corp., Wilmington, Del., and put her in service transporting refined petroleum products, including lubricating oil in bulk, from the oil company's refinery at Bayonne, N.J., to the ports of Hampton Roads, Va., and Portland, Me. Her length was 266.5' overall and 255.0' between perpendiculars, her breadth over fenders was 45.4', and her displacement was 3,600 tons. Her propulsion machinery consisted of two diesel engines furnished by I. P. Morris and De La Vergne, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., which were direct-connected to two electric generators that drove the electric motor on the ship's single propeller shaft. Designed for 10.5 knots, she reached 10.19 knots on trials. She had a crew, including officers, of 17 men. The Tidewater Oil was sufficiently satisfied with this ship to order a second vessel from Pusey & Jones at the end of 1929. At the time she was ordered this vessel was reported as "similar" to TIDEWATER with the same dimensions, displacement, and designed speed, although she emerged with some minor differences in her layout. The new ship was completed in May 1930 and named VEEDOL NO. 2, and at the same time TIDEWATER was renamed TYDOL NO. 2.

On 10 Dec 41 CNO directed that the small Tidewater Associated Oil Co. tanker VEEDOL NO. 2 be acquired at New York under indefinite time charter for operation by the Naval Transportation Service with a civilian crew. On 10 Mar 43 the Auxiliary Vessels Board reported that operations in the Mediterranean area required the use of additional shallow draft tankers to distribute light petroleum products in bulk to ports of limited depth. Representatives of the Maritime Commission and the Army-Navy Petroleum Board had recommended three coastwise tankers possessing suitable characteristics, ESSO DELIVERY #11, NEW YORK SOCONY, and VEEDOL NO. 2. The Board recommended that these be purchased, manned by Navy crews, and given a limited conversion to provide crew quarters and an adequate armament. On the same day the Secretary of the Navy asked the Maritime Commission to provide the ships. On 16 Mar 43 VCNO advised the Bureaus that arrangements had been made to purchase the ships and directed that they be given the limited conversion recommended by the Auxiliary Vessels Board and that their crews be kept to the lowest possible minimum.

AOG 14-16 were rushed to Europe after short conversion periods and then saw hard service carrying gasoline and diesel fuel between North African ports and supporting invasion operations in Italy with little opportunity for proper maintenance. On 10 May 44 the Munitions Committee (Navy) approved the assignment of AOG 14-16 to the French National Committee. On 16 Nov 44 Commander 8th Fleet ordered the three ships decommissioned and transferred to the French. The transfers took place a month or two later.

TYDOL NO. 2 (ex TIDEWATER) remained in the U.S. merchant marine until 1957 when she became the French CITEAUX. She was scrapped in 1965.

Ship Notes:
AOG Name Notes
16 GUYANDOT Ex merc. VEEDOL NO. 2 (completed May 1930). Converted by Brewer Drydock Co., Staten Is., N.Y. (completed 20 Apr 43). To France at Bizerte under Lend-Lease 12 Jan 45 as LAC NOIR. Returned and sold to France by FLC 21 Mar 49. Condemned by French Navy at Toulon 6 Feb 52, hulk used as target for gunnery school.

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