Heywood (AP-2): Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For most classes many other photographs exist.
For more complete online collections of U. S. Navy ship photographs see in particular the NHHC Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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"Transport 1917 Bldg. Program" ... September 1915

Preliminary design plan prepared for the Navy Department during consideration of a design for a troop transport to be included in the Fiscal Year 1917 program. This design was similar to that adopted for the Navy's first troop transport of this era, Henderson (Transport # 1) of Fiscal Year 1913, but differs in having a longer enclosed superstructure at the main deck level, housing personnel quarters and a large sick bay. No purpose-built transports were authorized in Fiscal Year 1917 and a different design, more similar to Henderson in layout, was prepared for Transport # 2, which was funded for construction in Fiscal Year 1919 but never built.
This plan provides eight 5-inch guns, steam machinery and a speed of 14 knots in a ship 460 feet long on the water line, 61 feet 1 inch in beam, with a displacement of 10,300 tons.

The original plan is in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles Book" of the Bureau of Construction & Repair.

Photo No. S-584-087
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command (from the Online Library).

USS Heywood (Transport No. 2)

An artist's concept of the ship probably drawn in 1919.
The drawing shows the final armament of eight 5" guns, four on the main deck at the ends and four a deck higher at the ends of the superstructure, that was approved for the ship in May 1919. The ship was never built.

Photo No. "Neg # 3130," possibly 19-N-3130
Source: U.S. National Archives, RG 19-A-31.