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Barracks Ships (APL)


Same, Non-Self Propelled

Other APL Hull Numbers, 1920-1945

Note: The original (1928) nomenclature for the APL type, "Labor Transport or Barrack Ship," fit perfectly APL-1's proposed function as mobile accommodations for large numbers of workers. When President Warfield was assigned the designator APL-16 in 1943 she would have been an APL along the lines of APL-1, but her acquisition was cancelled. Also in 1943, however, the Navy began construction of a class of non-self propelled barges with barracks built on top and re-used the 1928 APL symbol and nomenclature for these very different craft, which became the APL-2 class. In 1944 the Navy substituted larger barracks ships built on self-propelled LST hulls for six of these barges (APL 35-40), and in August 1944 it created a new type designation for the LST conversions: APB, "Barracks Ships, Self Propelled". This left only non-self propelled craft in the APL category, for which the nomenclature became simply "Barracks Ships." When President Warfield and several other elderly self-propelled vessels were finally acquired in 1944 for use as barracks ships they were classified IX (q.v.) instead of either APL or APB.