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The trawler Sea Bird, shown in 1919, was a sister to Medric, selected in 1941 to become USS Assistance (ARS-10)
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Class:        ASSISTANCE (ARS-10)
Design        Fishing vessel, 1920
Displacement (tons):        384 gross
Dimensions (feet):        150.3' reg x 25.0' x 13.25' depth
Original Armament:        N/A
Later armaments:        --
Speed (kts.):        10
Propulsion (HP):        550
Machinery:        1 screw, triple expansion

ARS Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
10 ASSISTANCE -- Portland SB -- ca 1919 --

ARS Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
10 ASSISTANCE -- -- Nov 41 Canc --

Class Notes:
FY 1941. The steam-propelled, wooden-hulled trawler MEDRIC (given the Navy ID number 4373) was completed by the Portland SB Co, South Portland, Maine in 1920, a year after the construction there of two probable sisters, PELICAN (ID 4188) and SEA BIRD (ID 4095). By 1941 all three trawlers were owned by the Consolidated Fisheries Co. of Lewes, Delaware, with MEDRIC home ported at Boston, Mass., and the other two at Wilmington, Del.

On 21 Aug 41 the Auxiliary Vessels Board took under consideration the question of the acquisition of a vessel for salvage operations in Iceland. BuShips investigated and recommended that a boat of the Chesapeake Bay fishing type be adapted for this purpose. The Auxiliary Vessels Board recommended that one of three such ships, MEDRIC, PELICAN, or SEA BIRD, be obtained and converted as a salvage vessel for Iceland. These vessels were all owned by the Consolidated Fisheries Co. of Lewes, Delaware and were of about 200 tons each. The recommendation was approved by CNO and by SecNav on 26 Aug 41. MEDRIC was selected, CNO asked the Bureau of Navigation on 23 Oct 41 for a name for the vessel, and the name ASSISTANCE and the designation ARS-10 were assigned on 6 Nov 41. However the ship was soon found unsuitable for Navy use, her acquisition was cancelled (possibly on 6 or 11 Nov 41), and on 14 Nov 41 SecNav cancelled the name ASSISTANCE. On 6 Dec 41 the Auxiliary Vessels Board reported that subsequent inspections carried out by BuShips after all three ships had been delivered disclosed that they were in very poor condition, and as a result the three vessels were returned to their owners. PELICAN and SEA BIRD were chartered by the Coast Guard during World War II for Atlantic Coast patrol work under its Emergency Manning (EM) program, they were listed by the Coast Guard as EM PELICAN (WYP-329) and EM SEABIRD (WYP-330).

Ship Notes:
ARS Name Notes
10 ASSISTANCE Ex MEDRIC (ID 4373, completed Feb 1920). Continued in commercial fishing service until deleted 1959.

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