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USAT Ingalls, which briefly became USS Yosemite in 1910
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Class:        YOSEMITE
Design:        Passenger & cargo, 1894
Displacement (tons):        1,465 light, 2,069 load
Dimensions (feet):        256.0' oa, 240.0' pp x 33.0' x 17.25' mn
Original Armament:        2-6pdr
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        --
Speed (kts.):        16
Propulsion (HP):        1,960
Machinery:        Vert. triple expansion, 1 screw

AS Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
-- YOSEMITE 23 Dec 10 Wigham Richardson -- 22 Jan 94 27 Nov 11

AS Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
-- YOSEMITE 23 Jan 12 14 Feb 12 10 Jun 12 Sold --

Class Notes:
In January 1894 the Low Walker shipyard of Wigham Richardson & Co., at Newcastle, England, launched the small passenger-cargo vessel CLEARWATER for the New Orleans, Belize, Royal Mail and Central American Steamship Co., Ltd., of New Orleans for their service between New Orleans and Central America. She reached 14.5 knots on trials in February 1894. The Army acquired her in 1898 or early 1899 for $150,000. Her maximum speed was stated to be 16 knots with a suitable screw, but the pitch of the present one (ca. 1909) was too small and her sustained sea speed was about 13 knots.

The Army transport INGALLS was transferred to Navy by an Act of Congress approved on 23 Mar 10. After transfer she was added to the Navy List on 23 Dec 10 and her name changed to YOSEMITE. She was placed in commission at the Norfolk Navy Yard and assigned as tender to Submarine Division Three, Atlantic Torpedo Fleet on 27 Nov 11. She evidently quickly proved unsatisfactory for any kind of naval use and was decommissioned after less than two months of service. She was sold at Norfolk to the Boston Iron and Metal Works for $11,655.00 on 10 Jun 12 and re-entered merchant service in 1913 under the Italian flag. She was scrapped in Italy in 1930.

Ship Notes:
AS Name Notes
-- YOSEMITE Ex USAT INGALLS, ex merc. CLEARWATER 1898 (completed Feb 94). Merc. ASMARA (Italian) 1913, scrapped in Italy in 1930.

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AS        1910
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