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S.S. Sea Rover, later USS Sea Rover (SP-1014, 1917-1922)
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Class:        SEA ROVER (AT-57)
Design:        Tug, 1902
Displacement (tons):        199 gross, 600 displ.
Dimensions (feet):        128' oa, 121.0' reg x 24.5' x 14.0' mn
Original Armament:        1-3"/50
Later armaments:        none (1920)
Complement:        31 (1921)
Speed (kts.):        10
Propulsion (HP):        650
Machinery:        Vert. compound, 1 screw

AT Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
57 SEA ROVER 11 Dec 17 Fulton IW -- 1902 31 Jan 18

AT Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
57 SEA ROVER 4 Mar 21 -- 25 Feb 22 Sold --

Class Notes:
On 12 August 1902, according to the San Francisco press, the new tugboat SEA ROVER, just completed by the Fulton Iron Works of San Francisco for the Shipowners & Merchants Tugboat Co., had a successful trial trip. She was built for ocean-going work and burned oil fuel, of which her tanks carried enough for a 30-day 8-knot steaming radius or 20 days steaming at full power. She had originally been planned as a coal burner but the general introduction of oil fuel on the Pacific coast caused the owners to modify the plans. SEA ROVER went into service immediately after her trials and was used for towing along the Pacific coast and in San Francisco Bay. In December 1902 she assisted in fighting fires following an explosion in the oil tanks of the tanker PROGRESO at the Fulton Iron works and in May 1904 she towed the big dredger ALAMEDA from Seattle to San Francisco. As built her engines were rated at 750 IHP for a speed of 12 knots.

SEA ROVER was purchased by the Navy from the Shipowners & Merchants Tugboat Co. on 11 Dec 17 for $178,000. On 15 Dec 17 SecNav informed the Commandant, 12th Naval District that she was to be fitted out at Mare Island for distant service, and she was initially assigned to the trans-Pacific fleet. On 21 Oct 19 she was detached from Train, Pacific Fleet, and assigned to duty in the 12th Naval District. She was designated AT-57 when the Navy's standard hull classification scheme was implemented on 17 Jul 20. The Navy Department indicated on 30 Sep 21 that she was to be sold, and on 10 Nov 21 she was ordered sold. SecNav on 15 Nov 21 directed the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts to advertise her for sale and stated that she would be considered stricken from the Navy Register as of the date she was actually disposed of by sale. Sold back to the Shipowners & Merchants Tugboat Co., she remained in service with them as SEA ROVER until dismantled in 1949.

Ship Notes:
AT Name Notes
57 SEA ROVER Ex merc. SEA ROVER (SP-1014). Sold 25 Feb 22 to former owner (R. W. Greene) for $23,700, merc. SEA ROVER. Scrapped 1949.

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