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USS Pocomoke (AV-9) on 6 May 1943
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Class:        POCOMOKE (AV-9)
Design:        MC C3-Cargo (Ingalls)
Displacement (tons):        8,705 light, 14,120 lim.
Dimensions (feet):        492.0' oa x 69.5' e x 23.75' lim.
Original Armament:        1-5"/51 4-3"/50 (1941)
Later armaments:        1-5"/38 4-3"/50 2-1.1"Q 12-20mm (1942); 1-5"/38 4-3"/50 2-40mmT 2-1.1"Q 17>15-20mm (1943-44); 1-5"/38 4-3"/50 4-40mmT 15-20mm (1945)
Complement:        567 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        18.4
Propulsion (HP):        8,500
Machinery:        G.E. turbine, 1 screw

AV Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
9 POCOMOKE 16 Oct 40 Ingalls SB, Pascagoula 14 Aug 39 8 Jun 40 18 Jul 41

AV Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
9 POCOMOKE 10 Jul 46 1 Jun 61 10 Jan 62 MA 10 Jan 62

Class Notes:
FY 1941. Called C3-Cargo by MC. In March 1939 the MC ordered four C3-type freighters from Ingalls designed by George G. Sharp of New York that inaugurated construction at the firm's new deep water shipyard at Pascagoula, Miss. The first of these vessels, which was also the first all-welded rivetless dry-cargo ship built in the U.S., became AV-9, while two others became MARKAB (AD-21) and LYON (AP-71). This design was probably similar to the builder's later C3-S-A2 type, of which Ingalls built 58 including the BAYFIELD (APA-33) and AEGIR (AS-23) classes.

On 20 Jun 40 CNO, acting as Secretary of the Navy, wrote to the Maritime Commission stating that world conditions made it necessary for the Navy to acquire from the merchant marine 18 to 21 additional auxiliary vessels ranging in size and type from transports to tugs, including two aircraft tenders (AV). The second of these, AV-9, was included in a large group of auxiliaries whose construction or acquisition was directed on 5 Aug 40 in the 70% Expansion Program (the second increment of the Two Ocean Navy mobilization effort) along with many combatant ships. On 24 Aug 40 CNO directed that she receive a conversion similar to AV-8 with changes as required to suit the vessel. She was converted at the Norfolk Navy Yard, and on 23 Sep 40 BuShips sent to Norfolk the same general arrangements conversion plans that it had sent to Moore for AV-8. The conversion included expanding crew accommodations, adding a gun armament and nine boats, redistributing some of the ship's cargo booms, removing the after kingpost and booms, installing an airplane crane of 45,000 lbs capacity on the stern, fitting a seaplane deck and additional 'tween decks, increasing the ship's distillation, refrigeration, and electrical power generation capabilities, and fitting magazines and gasoline stowage. Her initial active service was in the Atlantic.

Ship Notes:
AV Name MC# Notes
9 POCOMOKE 64 Ex merc. EXCHEQUER, possibly ex SEA ROBIN (ID-5010A). Delivered incomplete. In commission in ordinary at NYd Norfolk on or before 28 Apr 41 and converted there. In USN reserve 1946-61. To buyer 22 Jan 62, scrapped by 12 Oct 64.

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