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USS Chandeleur (AV-10) on 21 March 1943
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Class:        CHANDELEUR (AV-10)
Design:        MC C3-S1-B1
Displacement (tons):        9,031 light, 14,200 lim.
Dimensions (feet):        492.0' oa x 69.5' e x 23.75' lim.
Original Armament:        1-5"/51 4-3"/50 8-20mm (1942)
Later armaments:        1-5"/38 4-3"/50 2-40mmT 15-20mm (1943); 1-5"/38 4-3"/50 4-40mmT 15-20mm (1944)
Complement:        502 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        18.4
Propulsion (HP):        8,500
Machinery:        G.E. turbine, 1 screw

AV Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
10 CHANDELEUR 19 Nov 42 Western Pipe, San Fran. 29 May 41 29 Nov 41 19 Nov 42

AV Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
10 CHANDELEUR 12 Feb 47 1 Apr 71 7 Feb 72 MA 7 Feb 72

Class Notes:
FY 1941. This ship and CASCADE (AD-16) were ordered by the Maritime Commission (MC) as C3-S-A2 cargo vessels on 30 Sep 40. In December the Navy requested transfer of the two ships for conversion to tenders in place of two that it had initially planned to build along with AV 11-13 and AD 17-19. These tenders were among a large group of auxiliaries whose construction or acquisition had been directed in the 70% Expansion Program on 5 Aug 40 along with many combatant ships.

The MC transferred AV-10 to its Military Program on 28 Jan 41 for construction for the Navy. On 28 Jan 41 the MC informed that Navy that MC hull 171 had been selected for this conversion (AD-16 being MC hull 172), but within a few months MC hull 171 became the escort carrier AVG-7 (HMS ATTACKER) and MC hull 173, whose keel was laid on 29 May 41, became AV-10. Unlike AD-16, the Navy made no attempt to redesign her as a diminutive version of the large Navy-built tenders, and instead the Norfolk Navy Yard provided plans for AV-9 for use as the basis for the modified design, which the Maritime Commission designated C3-S1-B1. These plans were initially sent to the naval architect who had developed the C3-S-A2 design, George G. Sharp of New York, although the AV-10 conversion was later assigned to the shipbuilder's naval architect for the AD-16 conversion, Joslyn & Ryan of San Francisco. Also unlike AD-16, the original builder, Western Pipe, successfully completed the construction of this ship to its modified design and no major problems were encountered with the design in service.

Ship Notes:
AV Name MC# Notes
10 CHANDELEUR 173 In USN reserve 1946-71 (in service in reserve at Philadelphia as a reserve fleet accomodation ship from 12 Feb 47 to 1970, sold there by MA). To buyer 29 Feb 72.

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