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USS Pasig (AW-3) on 7 January 1945
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Class:        PASIG (AW-3)
Design:        MC T2-SE-A2
Displacement (tons):        6,433 light, 21,650 lim.
Dimensions (feet):        523.5' oa, 503.0' wl x 68.0' e x 30.8' lim.
Original Armament:        1-5"/38 4-3"/50 4-40mmT 8-20mm
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        --
Speed (kts.):        15.1
Propulsion (HP):        10,000
Machinery:        G.E. turbo-electric drive, 1 screw

AW Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
3 PASIG 21 Oct 44 Marinship 18 May 44 15 Jul 44 11 Dec 44
4 ABATAN 28 Nov 44 Marinship 9 Jun 44 6 Aug 44 29 Jan 45

AW Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
3 PASIG 16 Jun 55 1 Jul 60 30 Jun 60 MA/T 16 Oct 75
4 ABATAN 27 Jan 47 1 May 70 10 Mar 80 Tgt. --

Class Notes:
FY 1944. On 3 Jul 44 the Auxiliary Vessels Board recommended approving arrangements under which the Maritime Commission was to provide 54 new construction merchant vessels to the Navy for use as auxiliaries. These included six tankers of the T2-SE-A2 type (AO 91-96) and four tankers of the T3-S2-A1 type (97-100). On 9 Aug 44 CominCh recommended to CinCPac that the first two of the T2's be instead delivered to the Navy at a suitable stage of construction for conversion to Distilling Ships (AW). Their special equipment was to include an evaporator plant capable of providing 120,000 gallons per day (three 40,000 gallon units as in the AW-1 class) and a large crane amidships capable of lifting 160 tons. The crane, similar to those installed on ENOREE (AO-69) and NIOBRARA (AO-72), was primarily for lifting LCT's on and off the decks of LST's at advanced bases, especially Eniwetok.

The Navy reacquired ABATAN in 1962 for use as a fresh water storage and distilling ship after Cuba cut off the water supply to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. She was not restored to service or recommissioned for this duty. The ship arrived at Guantanamo under tow on 22 Oct 62, and the Fleet Training Group there reactivated her distilling plant between 27 October and 6 December. She remained in use as a water storage hulk, with her bow eventually resting on the bottom, after being stricken from the Navy List in 1970, and was finally towed out in early 1980 to be sunk as a target.

Ship Notes:
AW Name MC# Notes
3 PASIG 1826 Ex merc. MISSION SAN XAVIER. Ex-AO-91 24 Aug 44. Converted at the Mare Island Navy Yard. In USN reserve 1946-47 (decomm. 6 Feb 46, recomm. 14 Jan 48 without reactivation of armament), 1948-51 (decomm. 24 Jun 48, recomm. 16 Mar 51 for operation as a Navy-manned ship in MSTS), and 1955-60. To NDRF 4 Mar 60. To buyer 12 Nov 75.
4 ABATAN 1827 Ex merc. MISSION SAN LORENZO. Ex-AO-92 24 Aug 44. Converted at the Mare Island Navy Yard. In USN reserve 1946-60. To NDRF 2 Mar 60, to MA 30 Jun 60, stk. 1 Jul 60, from MA and reinst. 27 Sep 62. Used as fresh water storage and distilling ship at Guantanamo Bay. Sunk by Navy as target.

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