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S.S. Java Arrow (later USS Celtic, IX-137) on 22 April 1942
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Class:        CELTIC (IX-137)
Design        Tanker, 1916
Displacement (tons):        4,500 light, 18,925 full load
Dimensions (feet):        485.25' oa, 468.0' x 62.7' x 28.0' full load
Original Armament:        1-4"/50 1-3"/50 8-20mm (IX-137, 188)
Later armaments:        1-5"/51 1-3"/50 8-20mm (IX-142)
Complement        70 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        10.2
Propulsion (HP):        3,200
Machinery:        1 screw, vertical quadruple expansion (diesel in IX-137)

IX Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
137 CELTIC 17 Jan 44 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy -- 30 Apr 21 22 Jan 44
142 SIGNAL 4 Apr 44 New York SB -- 15 May 16 4 Apr 44
188 CHOTAUK 29 Nov 44 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy -- 23 Oct 20 29 Nov 44

IX Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
137 CELTIC 6 Feb 46 20 Mar 46 6 Feb 46 MC/D 2 Apr 48
142 SIGNAL 20 Feb 46 12 Mar 46 20 Feb 46 MC/D 12 Dec 46
188 CHOTAUK 7 Feb 46 28 Mar 46 7 Feb 46 MC/D 12 Dec 46

Class Notes:
FY 1943 (IX-137, 142), 1944 (IX-188). In 1916-1918 the New York Shipbuilding Co. in Camden, N.J. delivered four large flush-decked 485-foot tankers to the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., and in 1921 it built four more for the same firm, plus three more for other firms. In 1920-21, after building a series of smaller 431-foot tankers (see the IX-179 class), the Bethlehem Steel Co. yard in Quincy, Mass. delivered four 485-foot tankers, CHINA ARROW, JAPAN ARROW, INDIA ARROW, and JAVA ARROW, to Socony-Vacuum. IX-137 originally had a vertical quadruple expansion reciprocating steam engine like the others but was re-engined between the wars with a J. H. Kencaid diesel.

-- IX-137, 142: On 12 Oct 43 the Auxiliary Vessels Board recommended that 15 old tankers be acquired for use as floating storage at advanced bases. See the IX-132 class for full details on this directive, which covered IX 131-145.

-- IX-188, plus IX 189-193: On 12 Aug 44 the Auxiliary Vessels Board reported that on 10 Jul 44 the Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas had indicated that projected operations made it necessary to initiate a new program to procure additional mobile storage tankers and stated the need for this type of vessel had been further intensified by the diversion of several non-self-propelled concrete barges originally designated for petroleum storage to water service. He suggested that six tankers be procured to report at the rate of one tanker monthly beginning in October 1944, and that they be divided equally into "clean" and "dirty" classifications. The Board recommended that the six tankers be acquired at the suggested rate beginning in September 1944. They were to be assigned to Service Force, Pacific Fleet. IX 188-193 were all acquired at Pearl Harbor to fill this requirement. IX 189-191 were to be the "clean" tankers carrying diesel fuel and/or gasoline and the others the "dirty" tankers carrying fuel oil.

Ship Notes:
IX Name Notes
137 CELTIC Ex merc. KERRY PATCH 1944, ex JAVA ARROW 1943 (ID-4784, completed May 21). Declared constructive total loss 6 May 42, rebuilt. Acquired at Noumea, placed in service 17 Jan 44 and commissioned 22 Jan 44. Merc. KERRY PATCH (MC) 1946, RADKETCH 1948, GALE 1949, SUGAR 1955. Scrapped 1959 at La Spezia.
142 SIGNAL Ex merc. STANDARD ARROW (ID-1532, completed Aug 16). Acquired at Majuro. Merc. STANDARD ARROW (MC) 1946. To buyer 12 Apr 47, scrapped by 15 Jan 48.
188 CHOTAUK Ex merc. AMERICAN ARROW, ex JAPAN ARROW (ID-4785, completed Nov 20). Acquired at Pearl Harbor. Merc. AMERICAN ARROW (MC) 1946. To buyer 22 Feb 47, scrapped by 24 Nov 47.

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