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Tanker Hulks (YO-164 and YO-234): Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For more views see the former NHHC (now Hyperwar) Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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S.S. Mobilube (American Tanker, 1939)

Probably shown soon after her completion in 1939. Note the Mobil flying horse stack marking.
Mobilube and her sister Mobilfuel proved economical to operate and were regarded as very successful. Mobilube was torpedoed in the engine room off Australia in January 1943 and was used for the rest of the war as floating oil storage under the Navy designation YO-164. She was restored to full service as a tanker after the war.

Photo No. 10222
Source: The Steamship Historical Society of America

USS Kennebec (AO-36)

Photographed on 4 October 1942.
Except for more powerful propulsion machinery, the six ships of the Kennebec (AO-36) class were built to the same successful design as S.S. Mobilube, later YO-164.

Photo No. 80-G-14108
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

S.S. Edward L. Doheny (Tanker, 1913)

Photographed circa the 1920s.

Photo No. None
Source: Shipscribe

S.S. Edward L. Doheny (Tanker, 1913)

Photographed between the World Wars.

Photo No. None
Source: The Steamship Historical Society of America