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Commodore (IX-7): Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For more views see the former NHHC (now Hyperwar) Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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USS Commodore (IX-7)

"Planted" in a mud dock surrounded by landfill at Chicago, Ill., while serving as Naval Reserve Armory circa the 1920s.
This ship began life in 1875 as a Great Lakes wooden screw freighter.

Photo No. NH 55303
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

Sixth Battalion, U.S. Naval Reserve, Chicago, Illinois

Photographed in the drill hall at the new Naval Armory on Navy Pier at Chicago on 8 August 1931.
Note the decorative nameboard above the center doorway for USS Commodore (IX-7), which had been the Chicago Naval Reserve training facility until 1930.

Photo No. NH 105078
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command (from the Online Library)