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Unclassified (IX): Special Types


On Hand 1920-1922

1922-1945: Large Special IX

1922-1945: Small Special IX

Naval Academy yachts, acquisition directed through March 1941:
  • IX-43 (Freedom)
  • IX-47 (Vamarie), ex Unclassified District Craft (YX-23)
  • IX-48 (Highland Light)
  • IX-49 (Spindrift)
Miscellaneous Types (1), acquisition directed May-Aug. 1941:
  • IX-50 (Bowdoin) (Auxiliary schooner - Greenland patrol)
  • IX-52 (Cheng Ho) (Junk)
  • IX-54 (Galaxy) (Motor yacht - underwater sound research)
Experimental freighters, acquisition directed May-June 1941:
  • IX-51 (Sea Otter I) (Experimental freight carrier)
  • IX-53 (Sea Otter II) (Experimental freight carrier)
Auxiliary schooners etc. (1), acquisition directed Dec. 1941-Jan. 1942:
  • IX-55 (Black Douglas) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-57 (Araner) (Motor yacht - ketch)
  • IX-58 (Dwyn Wen) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-59 (Volador) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-60 (Seaward) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-61 (Geoanna) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-62 (Vileehi) (Patrol boat - ketch)
  • IX-63 (Zahma) (Patrol boat - ketch)
Auxiliary schooners etc. (2), acquisition directed March-May 1942:
  • IX-65 (Blue Dolphin) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-66 (Migrant) (Auxiliary schooner) - 1300t
  • IX-67 (Guinivere) (Auxiliary schooner - Greenland patrol)
  • IX-69 (Puritan) (Auxiliary schooner - steel)
  • IX-70 (Gloria Dalton) (Auxiliary schooner)
Miscellaneous Types (2), acquisition directed April-July 1942:
  • IX-68 (Seven Seas) (Auxiliary sail training ship)
  • IX-71 (Kailua) (Cable vessel, ex Dickinson) - Apr 42 (service in Southwest Pacific)
  • IX-72 (Liberty Belle) (Steamer) (mine warfare experimental ship) - Apr 42
  • IX-80 (Christiana) (Motor vessel) (seaplane tender) - Jul 42
Auxiliary schooners etc. (3), acquisition directed May-July 1942:
  • IX-73 (Zaca) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-74 (Metha Nelson) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-75 (John M. Howard) (Auxiliary ketch - ordnance experiments)
  • IX-76 (Ramona) (Auxiliary schooner)
  • IX-77 (Juniata) (Sailing yacht)
  • IX-78 (Brave) (Auxiliary schooner - sound school training)
  • IX-79 (El Cano) (Auxiliary schooner - steel - merchant marine training ship)
Auxiliary schooners etc. (4), acquisition directed July 1942:
  • IX-82 (Luster) (Yacht for 7th Naval District) (salvage tender)
  • IX-83 (Ashley) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-84 (Congaree) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-85 (Euhaw) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-86 (Pocataligo) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-87 (Saluda) (Yacht for 7th Naval District) (experimental hydrographic service)
  • IX-88 (Wimbee) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-89 (Romain) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
  • IX-90 (Forbes) (Yacht for 7th Naval District)
Miscellaneous Types (3), acquisition directed July 1942-April 1943:
  • IX-91 (Palomas) (Schooner yacht for 11th Naval District)
  • IX-92 (Liston) (Bay schooner for 4th Naval District)
  • IX-93 (Irene Forsyte) (Auxiliary schooner - Q ship)
  • IX-94 (Ronaki) (New Zealand schooner)
  • IX-95 (Echo) (New Zealand scow - supply ship)
  • IX-97 (Martha's Vineyard) (Motor yacht) (underwater sound experiments/training ship)
  • IX-101 (Big Chief) (ex lighthouse tender)
Miscellaneous Types (4), acquisition directed or reclassified Dec. 1943-Sept. 1945:
  • IX-155 (Mustang) (Hulk, ex 4-masted schooner)
  • IX-199 (Barcelo) (ex YP-375 ex AMb-17)
  • IX-200 (Maratanza) (ex YP-448)
  • IX-201 (Sterling) (ex YP-449)
  • IX-205 (Callao) (ex-German Externsteine, captured, experimental vessel)
  • IX-224 (Aide de Camp) (Yacht)
  • IX-233 (Canandaigua) (ex Coast Guard CG-81006)

Other IX (Special) Hull Numbers, 1920-1945

  • IX-1 (Annapolis): ex PG-10
  • IX-2 (Boston): ex protected cruiser
  • IX-4 (Cheyenne): ex BM-10
  • IX-5 (Chicago): ex CA-14
  • IX-6 (Coast Battleship No. 4): ex BB-4 (Iowa)
  • IX-8 (Cumberland): ex sail training ship, see AG
  • IX-9 (Dubuque): ex AG-6, ex PG-17, later PG-17
  • IX-10 (Essex): ex old cruiser
  • IX-11 (Gopher): ex supply steamer, see AG
  • IX-12 (Hancock): see AP-3
  • IX-13 (Hartford): ex old cruiser
  • IX-14 (Hawk): ex PY-2
  • IX-15 (Illinois): ex BB-7
  • IX-16 (Kearsarge): Crane Ship No. 1, ex BB-5
  • IX-17 (Monadnock): ex BM-3
  • IX-18 (Nantucket): ex PG-23
  • IX-19 (Newport): ex PG-12
  • IX-20 (Old Constellation): ex old sail frigate
  • IX-21 (Old Constitution): ex old sail frigate
  • IX-22 (Oregon): ex BB-3
  • IX-23 (Paducah): ex AG-7, ex PG-18, later PG-18
  • IX-24 (Philadelphia): ex Cruiser No. 4
  • IX-25 (Reina Mercedes): ex captured Spanish cruiser
  • IX-26 (Southery): ex collier, see AC
  • IX-28 (Wheeling): ex PG-14
  • IX-30 (Wilmington): ex PG-8
  • IX-31 (Wolverine): ex old gunboat
  • IX-32 (Yantic): ex old gunboat
  • IX-35 (Light Target No. 1): ex DD-302 (Stoddert), later AG-18
  • IX-36 (I) (Light Target No. 2): ex DD-107 (Hazelwood)
  • IX-36 (II) (Light Target No. 2): ex DD-136 (Boggs), later AG-19
  • IX-37 (I) (Light Target No. 3): ex DD-275 (Sinclair)
  • IX-37 (II) (Light Target No. 3): ex DD-137 (Kilty), later AG-20
  • IX-38 (Empire State): see AG-11 (Procyon)
  • IX-39 (Seattle): ex CA-11
  • IX-40 (Olympia): ex CA-16
  • IX-42 (Camden): see AS-6
  • IX-44 (DCH-1): ex YW-57 ex World War I destroyer (DD-163)
  • IX-56: see AT-52 (Navajo)
  • IX-98 (Moosehead): ex YW-56 ex World War I destroyer (DD-259)
  • IX-100 (Racer): ex SC-501
  • IX-105 (Panther): ex SC-1470
  • IX-182 (Donnell): ex DE-56
  • IX-196 (Spark): ex LST-340
  • IX-198 (Cohasset): ex LST-129
  • IX-206 (Chocura): ex PC-1124
  • IX-209 (Seaward): ex LST-278
  • IX-211 (Castine): ex PC-452
  • IX-212: ex LCIG-396
  • IX-221 (Eureka): ex PC-488

IX 165, 166, 170-172, 183, and 195 were ex converted minesweepers (AM).
IX 175-177, 180, 181, 194, and 203 were ex converted coastal minesweepers (AMc).
IX 202 and 230-232 were ex Navy-built coastal minesweepers (AMc-36 class).

Note: IX was not a formal ship type symbol until 8 January 1941. Previously it was only a symbol in the Navy Filing Manual for storing correspondence relating to ships listed on the Navy List as "Unclassified." File numbers IX 1-32 appear to have been assigned by the time the July 1922 Ships Data Book was drafted as they match the order of the "Unclassified" list in that volume. The last Navy Filing Manual to appear before January 1941 was the 1939 edition, in which the highest IX symbol was IX-40.

The file symbol IX-16 may have been used for Tallahassee (ex BM-9) before it was used for Kearsarge. Tallahassee was transferred to the "Unclassified" list on 1 July 1921 but was gone by the time the July 1922 Ships Data Book was published, having been sold. The IX-16 symbol is known to have been used for Kearsarge in 1926. A new file symbol, AB-1, was probably created for her in the 1931 edition of the Navy's Filing Manual, and it first appears as a formal ship type symbol in the unpublished 1942 Ships Data Book.