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USS Mindoro (YAG-15) on 8 January 1943
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Class:        MINDORO (YAG-15)
Design:        Fishing vessel
Displacement (tons):        446 gross
Dimensions (feet):        183.4' (156.2' reg.) x 28.5' x 11.0'
Original Armament:        1-6pdr, 2-20mm
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        16 (1944)
Speed (kts.):        --
Propulsion (HP):        450
Machinery:        Washington diesels, 2 screws

YAG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
15 MINDORO 12 Aug 42 Krupp Germania -- 1921 6 Jan 43

YAG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
15 MINDORO 4 Dec 45 19 Dec 45 22 Oct 46 MC/S 22 Oct 46

Class Notes:
Funded by BuShips maintenance funds. Steel three-masted barkentine schooner converted into a motor fishing vessel. On 9 Jul 42 CominCh directed the procurement of certain auxiliary vessels (including YAG-23, q.v.) for duty in the South Pacific Area. On 20 Jul 42 the San Pedro Section of the Joint Merchant Vessel Board reported that, in addition to these, FISHERMAN II could be converted to a refrigerated cargo carrier for this purpose, and on 30 Jul 42 CominCh directed the acquisition of the vessel. She was acquired from the Kierchoff-Cunzer Lumber Co., San Pedro. The name MINDORO was assigned on 22 Aug 42 but was cancelled on 1 Mar 45 because, according to CNO, the majority of the District Craft Auxiliary, Miscellaneous (YAG) were not named.

On 27 Dec 44 the ship's Commanding Officer wrote to the Bureau of Ships that, since commissioning, the ship had shown a decided tendency to roll, thirty-five and forty degrees being usual in an ordinary run and forty-five to forty-eight degrees not uncommon. He ascribed this to the fact that, in her conversion, no provisions had been made to compensate for the vessel's extremely scant lines, round bottom, and the disturbance of her original schooner design by the addition of superstructure, main engines, and auxiliaries. His proposal to fit her with bilge keels was eventually approved. On 11 Jul 45 Commander Service Force Pacific Fleet noted that her main engines had failed and asked Commander Marianas if it would be feasible to maintain YAG-15 and YAG-23 (q.v.) as non-self-propelled reefer ships for an indefinite period. In late 1945, however, the ship was able to return to the West Coast for disposal. Sold in 1946 to C. H. Martindale of Los Angeles, Calif., she was not registered for postwar service as an American merchant vessel.

Ship Notes:
YAG Name Notes
15 MINDORO Ex merc. FISHERMAN II, ex-KALLISTO. Converted by Craig Shipyard, Long Beach. Name cancelled 1 Mar 45.

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