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USS YAG-17 (ex Marsala) on 3 September 1943
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Class:        YAG-17 (ex MARSALA)
Design:        Sailing ship
Displacement (tons):        2422 gross
Dimensions (feet):        284.25' x 45.3' x 18'
Original Armament:        ---
Later armaments:        --
Complement:        --
Speed (kts.):
Propulsion (HP):        None
Machinery:        Dismasted sailing ship

YAG Name Acq. Builder Keel Launch Commiss.
17 YAG-17 26 Aug 42 International SB -- 1919 24 Sep 42

YAG Name Decomm. Strike Disposal Fate MA Sale
17 YAG-17 2 Jan 45 23 Feb 45 10 Dec 46 Dest. --

Class Notes:
Funded by BuShips maintenance funds. Ex wooden hulled (steel reinforced) sail barkentine. Acquisition directed 20 Aug 42. Placed in service 24 Sep 42 after conversion, then towed to an anchorage in Lynnhaven Roads (St. James River) near Little Creek, Va., and permanently moored there for use in the amphibious training of troops. (For a ship similarly used in the Pacific see MUSTANG, IX-155.) Between May and September 1943 she was fitted with a pair of Welin boat davits to assist in training.

The barkentine MARSALA was owned by the American Nautical Academy, Nautical Training School for Merchant Marine Officers, Washington, D.C. when, on 16-26 November 1938, she cruised for 11 days off the Virginia Capes without carrying the radiotelegraph transmitting equipment required by U.S. law. The violation became known when the ship ran into a storm and the lack of radio facilities imperiled students and crew. On 27 Mar 39 the Federal Communications Commission imposed a penalty of $5,500 on the owners. The school failed to pay, and on 19 Feb 40 the U.S. Admiralty Court at Norfolk ordered the ship sold to satisfy the penalty. When the Navy became interested in the ship she was a dismasted hull tow-anchored in the James River and belonged to a Capt. Bohld.

Ship Notes:
YAG Name Notes
17 YAG-17 Ex merc. sail barkentine MARSALA, ex CITY OF VICKSBURG. Converted by Norfolk SB & DD Co. Grounded in a severe storm 14 Sep 44 near Norfolk and broke her back. Hulk laid up at the Convoy Escort Piers at Norfolk and officially abandoned 10 Dec 46.

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