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District Miscellaneous Auxiliaries (YAG)

On Hand 1922-1941: Selected District Unclassified Craft (file symbol YX)

Note: When the Navy's standard hull classification scheme was implemented on 17 Jul 1920 it included a "District Unclassified" category for "small craft formerly in naval districts now under loan [and] those which can not be classified under the standard nomenclature." In 1922 the Navy Filing Manual assigned to vessels in the "District Unclassified" list the symbol YX for filing correspondence. YX was never a hull type designator, and the three surviving vessels with YX file symbols were merged into the IX list when IX, also initially a Navy Filing Manual symbol, became a hull type designator in 1941. The units in the YX series not listed above included two small motorboats, Ahdeek (YX-5, 36-ft., ex ID # 2589) and Estelle (YX-9, 40-ft, ex ID # 747); a Naval Academy sloop, Robert Center (YX-17, 66-ft., acquired 1895, click for photo with Cumberland); and a Naval Academy yawl, Argo (YX-6, 57-ft., acquired 1906). YX-8 was an old torpedo boat, C.T.B. No. 6 ex Morris, used as a torpedo range craft and torpedo retriever. The other seven craft with YX file symbols were barges of various types. The YX symbol may be considered an approximate precursor to the YAG symbol, which was created on 19 Mar 41 for district craft that did not fit into other categories.

1922-1945: Selected YAG

Note: The four named above, plus the four small units acquired in New Zealand in late 1942 (YAG 24-27), were the only YAGs to have names as well as hull numbers, while YAG-17 and YAG-29 were significantly larger than the other World War II unnamed YAG's. The other units classified YAG (links below) were miscellaneous types of small craft with lengths between 90 and 160 feet.

1922-1945: Other YAG

Other YAG Hull Numbers, 1920-1945