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Photo #  NH 100109:  SS Baxley at the time of her completion, 1918

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Baxley (American Freighter, 1918).
Served as USS Baxley (ID # 4449) in 1918

Baxley, a 3500-ton (displacement) wooden-hulled steam freighter, was built at Jacksonville, Florida, in 1918 as part of the World War I Emergency Fleet program. She was acquired by the Navy upon, or soon after, completion and placed in commission as USS Baxley (ID # 4449) at the beginning of October 1918. During that month she made her only operational voyage, transporting a cargo of coal from Norfolk, Virginia, to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Repairs occupied her second month of Navy service. Decommissioned in early December 1918, Baxley was then returned to the U.S. Shipping Board, which sold her for scrapping in 1922-1923.

This page features all available views concerning the freighter Baxley, which served as USS Baxley (ID # 4449) in 1918.

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Photo #: NH 100109

SS Baxley
(American Freighter, 1918)

Probably photographed when completed. She is wearing "dazzle" type disruptive camouflage.
This wooden hulled freighter, built at Jacksonville, Florida, as part of the World War I emergency fleet program, was transferred to the Navy and placed in commission on 1 October 1918 as USS Baxley (ID # 4449). She was decommissioned on 2 December 1918 and returned to the U.S. Shipping Board.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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