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Photo #  NH 100545:  SS City of Savannah in dry dock at the Boston Navy Yard, possibly circa spring 1917

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S.S. City of Savannah (American Passenger-Cargo Steamer, 1907)

City of Savannah, a 5654 gross ton passenger-cargo ship, was built in 1907 at Chester, Pennsylvania. Owned by the Ocean Steamship Company, of Savannah, Georgia, in June 1917 she was examined by the Third Naval District with possible U.S. Navy service in mind, but was instead chartered by the U.S. Army. Later, probably after the end of World War I, she was assigned the Navy registry ID # 4514.

City of Savannah's commercial employment continued for many more years. In May 1942 the Ocean Steamship Company turned her over to the War Shipping Administration, and during the next four years she was operated by the Waterman Steamship Company, the Grace Line and the United Fruit Company. City of Savannah was laid up at Mobile, Alabama, in July 1946 and sold for scrapping in September 1947.

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Photo #: NH 100545

S.S. City of Savannah
(American Passenger-Cargo Steamship, 1907)

In dry dock at the Boston Navy Yard, possibly while being fitted with guns circa spring 1917. Two Virginia class battleships are in the background.
City of Savannah was chartered by the U.S. Army in about June 1917. She was later assigned the Navy registry ID # 4514 but had no Naval service.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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