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Photo #  NH 41990:  Freighter Clio in the background of a photo of USS SC-267 at Wakefield, Massachusetts, circa 1918-1919

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S.S. Clio (Dutch Freighter, 1910).
Briefly served as USS Clio (ID # 2578) in 1918

The steamship Clio, a 2927 gross ton freighter, was built at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1910 for commercial operation under the Dutch flag. She was seized at Key West, Florida, by the United States Government in March 1918 and turned over to the Navy, which placed her in commission early in April as USS Clio (ID # 2578). Later in that month, after voyaging from Key West to Havana, Cuba, and then on to New Orleans, Louisiana, the ship was decommissioned and returned to the U.S. Shipping Board and her Dutch owner, the Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. She became the Soviet Desna in 1934 and was mined and sunk in the Black Sea on 31 January 1943.

This page features all available views representing what may be the freighter Clio, which was briefly USS Clio (ID # 2578) in 1918.

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The following photograph shows, in the background, a freighter named Clio that may be the same ship that served as USS Clio (ID # 2578) in April 1918:

Photo #: NH 41990

USS SC-267

Alongside a pier at Wakefield, Massachusetts, circa 1918-1919.
The freighter Clio is on the pier's other side. This may be the same ship that briefly served as USS Clio (ID # 2578) in April 1918.
Photographed by Alton H. Blackinton, Boston, Massachusetts.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 60KB; 740 x 440 pixels

Photo #: None

S.S. Clio
(Dutch freighter, 1910)

Photographed in Dutch commercial service.

Source: www.kroonvaarders.nl/alfabet/cschepen/clio1.htm.


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