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Photo #  NH 102001:  Cargo ship Eastport, which was USS Eastport in 1918-19

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Eastport (American Cargo Ship, 1918).
Served as USS Eastport (ID # 3342) in 1918-19

Eastport, a 4381 gross ton cargo ship, was completed in August 1918 by the Osaka Iron Works Co., Innoshima, Japan; purchased by the U.S. Shipping Board while under construction, converted by Puget Sound Navy Yard; transferred to the Navy by the Shipping Board 18 October 1918; and commissioned the same day.

Sailing from Puget Sound Navy Yard on 29 October 1918, Eastport arrived at Valparaiso on 30 November 1918 with a cargo of coke and exchanged it for one of Chilean nitrate, which she delivered to Jacksonville, Fla. on 25 January 1919. She loaded cotton and other cargo at Galveston and crossed the Atlantic from Norfolk, arriving at Le Havre on 4 April.

On the 30th, she got underway for New Orleans, coaling at Cardiff and assisting the disabled NOTS cargo ship West Grama en route. She arrived at New Orleans on 15 June. Eastport was decommissioned on 18 June 1919 and returned to the Shipping Board for disposal the same day. She became the Soviet Itelmen in 1930 and disappeared from merchant ship registers in 1960.

This page features all available views of the cargo ship Eastport, which served as USS Eastport in 1918-19.

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S.S. Eastport
(U.S. cargo ship, 1918)

At Galveston, Texas, in mid-March 1919.

Source: Courtesy Dr. Mark Kulikowski.

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S.S. Eastport
(U.S. cargo ship, 1918)

Shown laid up in U.S. Shipping Board custody after World War I.
This image was printed in 1925 by the Department of Ship Sales of the Emergency Fleet Corp. in its catalog of steel cargo vessels of 5,000-8.000 D.W.T. that were then available for purchase.

Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command, S-528-B.


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