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Photo #  NH 101715:  S.S. Fort Wayne, later USS Fort Wayne, circa December 1918

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S.S. Fort Wayne (American Freighter, 1918)
Served as USS Fort Wayne (ID # 3786) in 1918-1919.

Fort Wayne, a 6245 gross ton (12,260 tons displacement) freighter, was completed in December 1918 at Baltimore, Maryland and placed in commission as USS Fort Wayne (ID # 3786). The ship loaded general cargo and sailed from Baltimore in late January 1919 for Gibraltar, with a refueling stop at the Azores. At Gibraltar Fort Wayne received orders to deliver her cargo at La Spezzia, Italy, where she arrived in mid-February. Because of a shortage of cargo handling workers she was delayed there for almost a month and finally sailed for Norfolk, Virginia, in mid-March. After refueling at the Azores the freighter had to return there in early April for repairs to her propeller. USS Fort Wayne was decommissioned at Norfolk in April 1919 and returned to the U.S. Shipping Board. S.S. Fort Wayne was sold by the Shipping Board to a commercial firm in 1929 and was scrapped in Japan in 1934.

This page features all available views concerning the American freighter Fort Wayne, which became USS Fort Wayne (ID # 3786) in 1918.

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Photo #: NH 101715

S.S. Fort Wayne
(American freighter, 1918)

Possibly photographed at her builder's yard at Baltimore, Maryland, around the time of her completion in December 1918. This ship was in commission in the Navy as USS Fort Wayne (ID # 3786) between December 1918 and April 1919.

The original print is in National Archives' Record Group 19-LCM.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 57KB; 740 x 435 pixels


S.S. Fort Wayne is seen in the left background of the following view of another ship:

Photo #: NH 105230

USS Polar Star
(ID # 3787)

In port, possibly photographed when inspected by the Fifth Naval District on 6 January 1919. This refrigerated cargo ship was in commission from 4 January to 14 May 1919.
The ship on the left is USS Fort Wayne (ID # 3786).

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 52KB; 740 x 330 pixels


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