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Photo # NH 94483-A:  USS Dochra in port, circa 1917-1919

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USS Dochra (ID # 1758), 1917-1919

USS Dochra, a 4309 gross ton (10,000 tons displacement) cargo ship, was built in 1906 at Newcastle, England, as a commercial freighter. Acquired by the Navy in October 1917, she was placed in commission at that time. During and after World War I she carried cargo between U.S. and Canadian ports and those in Europe. In March and April 1919 the ship also made a voyage to Cuba. Her mundane service was enlivened at the beginning of July 1918, when she survived an exchange of gunfire with the German submarine U-151. USS Dochra was decommissioned in May 1919 and transferred to the United States Shipping Board for return to her owners, Barber & Company of New York City.

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Photo #: NH 94483-A

USS Dochra
(ID # 1758)

In port, circa 1917-1919.
Built by Swan Hunter at Newcastle, United Kingdom, in 1906, the freighter Dochra was taken over by the Navy for World War I service. She was placed in commission on 21 October 1917 and returned to her owner on 10 May 1919.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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