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Photo # NH 100116:  USS American in port, probably in 1918 at New York

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USS American (ID # 2292), 1918-1919

USS American was a 5650 gross ton cargo ship built at Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1900. Employed commercially prior to World War I, she was commissioned for wartime Naval Service in May 1918. Between June and September of that year the ship made two round-trip voyages to France. On 7 October 1918, while steaming in convoy during the initial leg of a third such trip, she collided with USS West Gate (ID # 3216). The latter rapidly sank, with the loss of seven of her crew, and American had to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for repairs. She began another voyage, to Gibraltar, in late November, more than two weeks after the Armistice. USS American arrived back in New York City in February 1919 and was returned to her owners a month later.

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Photo #: NH 100116

USS American (ID # 2292)

Photographed in port, probably at New York between February and May 1918.
Note the ship's name in raised letters just below the deck edge.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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