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Photo #  NH 107026:  USS Lake Tulare at Danzig in 1919

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USS Lake Tulare (ID # 2652), 1918-1919

USS Lake Tulare, a 2005 gross ton cargo ship, was launched under USSB contract on 15 December 1917 by Superior Shipbuilding Co., Superior, Wis., and completed in April 1918. She operated as an Army cargo transport until she was taken over by the Navy and commissioned on 19 October 1918 at Cardiff, Wales.

Operating out of Cardiff, Lake Tulare was assigned to NOTS as a coal transport between British and French ports. Transferred to the U.S. Food Administration on 1 March 1919, she carried food from British and French ports to Rotterdam and Danzig until 14 July, when she resumed military cargo runs. Returning to New York in late summer, Lake Tulare decommissioned on 15 September 1919 and was returned to USSB the same day.

Lake Tulare was sold in 1923 to Skibs. A/S Manitowoc as Bestik. She became the Chinese Hai Hsiang in 1934 and was sunk by aircraft in Szechuan Province in December 1941. Her wreck was scrapped after 1945.

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Photo #: NH 107026

USS Lake Tulare
(ID # 2652)

At Danzig in 1919, while assigned to the U.S. Food Administration.
The original image is printed on post card stock.

Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2010.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

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