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Photo #  NH 65096:  USS John M. Connelly on 6 May 1918.

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USS John M. Connelly (ID # 2703), 1918-1919.
Originally, and later, S.S. John M. Connelly (American Tanker, 1918). Later renamed S.S. Point Breeze.

S.S. John M. Connelly, a 4939 gross ton (10,150 tons displacement) tanker, was completed at Gloucester, New Jersey, in May 1918. She was commissioned in the Navy on 9 May 1918 as USS John M. Connelly (ID # 2703). In mid-May the ship sailed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to escort submarine chasers to the Azores and to deliver fuel to both Bermuda and the Azores. Upon arrival at the Azores in early June she was sent onward to Gibraltar to discharge the remainder of her cargo of fuel oil. On her next eastbound voyage, in August 1918, John M. Connelly delivered a cargo of fuel oil and a deck load of seaplanes to Devonport and Plymouth, England. In early October she delivered, at Devonport, another cargo of fuel oil and a deck load of six Packard trucks for the Northern Bombing Group, a U.S. Navy aviation unit active in France. During the rest of 1918 the tanker carried fuel oil from Philadelphia to Melville, Rhode Island, Portland, Maine, and the Azores. She then entered a shipyard at New York for an overhaul and tank cleaning and while there was selected for demobilization. USS John M. Connelly was decommissioned on 18 January 1919 and transferred to the U.S. Shipping Board. Subsequently employed in commercial trade, she was renamed Point Breeze in 1926 and was scrapped in 1946.

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Photo #: NH 65096

USS John M. Connelly
(ID # 2703)

Photographed on 6 May 1918. This tanker was commissioned at Philadelphia on 8 May 1918 immediately after completing construction at Gloucester, N.J., and was decommissioned at New York on 18 January 1919. USS Chestnut Hill (ID # 2526) was a sister.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Related image: The original print for Photo # NH 105266 is mounted on USS John M. Connelly's official data card. However, it actually shows her sister ship, USS Chestnut Hill (ID # 2526).

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