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Photo #  NH 102253:  USS Lake Dancey at Danzig in 1919

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USS Lake Dancey (ID # 4407-L), 1918-1919

USS Lake Dancey, a 2323 gross ton freighter, was launched on 27 July 1918 by the American Shipbuilding Co., Superior, Wis. She was acquired by the Navy on 28 October 1918 and commissioned the same day at Montreal, Canada.

Assigned to NOTS, Lake Dancey departed Montreal on 31 October 1918 to join collier operations in Europe. Based at Cardiff, Wales, she transported coal from the United Kingdom to French ports until 6 February 1919 when she was assigned to the U.S. Food Administration, for service in the massive effort to relieve the postwar famine in Europe. Lake Dancey carried food between Rotterdam and Danzig, Poland, during the next 6 months.

Departing Rotterdam on 16 August, Lake Dancey arrived at New York on 2 September. She decommissioned there on 9 September and was returned to the USSB the same day for disposal. She was sold to the Ford Motor Co. which scrapped her in July 1926.

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Photo #: NH 106241

USS Lake Dancey
(ID # 4407-L)

At Danzig in 1919, while assigned to the U.S. Food Administration.

Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2008.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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