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Photo # NH 103074:  USS Kerowlee, possibly at Danzig, Germany, circa April-June 1919

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USS Kerowlee (1918-1919)
Previously the Austro-Hungarian freighter Campania (1901)

S.S. Campania, a 3550 gross ton cargo ship, was built in 1901 at South Shields, England, for an Austro-Hungarian shipping firm operating from Trieste. She was purchased in 1917 by the Kerr Navigation Corporation of New York and renamed Kerowlee. In late 1917 she was chartered by the U.S. Army to support its forces in Europe.

In mid-October 1918 the Navy took her over, manned her, and placed her in commission for operation on Army account. For the next five months, Kerowlee transported coal and supplies between ports in England and France. In the spring of 1919 she steamed to Danzig, Germany, with a cargo of food, and in July she carried Army cargo back to the U.S. from France. USS Kerowlee was decommissioned in August 1919 and transferred to the U.S. Shipping Board for return to her owner.

The ship was renamed Mount Sterling (American registry) in 1921, Balaton (Hungarian) later in 1921, Nicholaos A. (Greek) in 1927, and Evi (Greek) in 1931. She was scrapped in Italy in 1933.

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Photo #: NH 103074

USS Kerowlee

In port, possibly at Danzig, Germany, while employed carrying foodstuffs between France and Germany, circa April-June 1919.
Note the small steamer partially visible in the right foreground, with "Johannes Jck. Danzig" written on its paddle-wheel box.
The original image is printed on postal card stock.

Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2005.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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