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Photo #  NH 65128:  S.S. Marne, later USS Marne (ID # 3929), just after launching, 12 October 1918

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S.S. Marne (American Freighter, 1918)
Served as USS Marne (ID # 3929) in February 1919.
Later S.S. Marne Maru and S.S. Yuzan Maru

Marne, a 6336 gross ton (13,130 tons displacement) freighter, was completed at Kearny, New Jersey, in February 1919. Placed in commission at New York on 3 February 1919 as USS Marne (ID # 3929), she was scheduled to carry an Army cargo to Europe, but this plan was soon cancelled and she was ordered demobilized. Marne was decommissioned on 6 February 1919 and returned to the U.S. Shipping Board. During subsequent civilian operation, she reportedly sank at Cristobol, Canal Zone, on 24 January 1920 but later returned to service. S.S. Marne remained under Shipping Board ownership until 1937, when she was sold to a British firm based in Shanghai and renamed Marne Maru. In 1938 she became the Japanese Yuzan Maru. The freighter was torpedoed and sunk by USS Scorpion (SS-278) on 27 April 1943.

This page features all available views concerning the American freighter Marne, which was briefly USS Marne (ID # 3929) in 1919.

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Photo #: NH 65128

S.S. Marne
(American freighter, 1918)

Shown just after being launched on 12 October 1918 by the Federal Shipbuilding Co., Kearny, New Jersey. This ship was in commission for four days in February 1919 as USS Marne (ID # 3929).

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Photo #: None

S.S. Marne
(American freighter, 1918)

Photographed on 3 February 1919 by her builder, Federal Shipbuilding Co., Kearny, N.J.

Source: U.S. National Archives, RG-32-S.


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