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Philippine cargo ship Mauban, which was USS Mauban in 1918-19

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S.S. Mauban (Philippine-American cargo ship, 1900).
Served as USS Mauban (No ID #) in 1918-19

The small 1210 gross ton cargo ship Mauban was completed in October 1900 by Campbeltown Shipbuilding Co. of Campbeltown, Scotland, for J. Samuel & Son of London but was almost immediately sold to the Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas of Manila (also called the Tabacalera Steamship & Commercial Co.). Prior to World War I she operated in the tobacco, sugar, and alcohol trade along the Philippine coast and between the Philippines and Europe, particularly Spain. She was damaged in a collision on 20 November 1917 and put in to Cadiz for extensive repairs. While there the U.S. consul at Cadiz notified the captain that his ship had been requisitioned by the U.S. Shipping Board for use by General Pershing. She was later reassigned to the Navy for operation and was commissioned at Cardiff, Wales, on 3 October 1918.

Assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Mauban operated under Army and Shipping Board accounts carrying supplies between British and French ports. She completed cargo runs in February 1919 and after loading sand ballast departed Cardiff on 18 February. She arrived at New York on 14 March and was decommissioned at Brooklyn on 11 April 1919 and delivered to the U.S. Shipping Board for return to her former owners.

Mauban was returned to the Tabacalera Steamship Co. in June 1919 and resumed her prewar service. In 1927 she evacuated 25 Spanish nationals from Shanghai to Manila. On 27 December 1941 she was sunk in Manila Bay to prevent her from falling into Japanese hands. Refloated, she became the Japanese Manbo Maru. She was mined off Wadanomisaki on 12 May 1945.

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S.S. Mauban
(Philippine cargo ship, 1900)

This ship was acquired by the Navy from the Army at Cardiff, Wales, and commissioned on 3 October 1918 as USS Mauban (No ID #). She was returned to the U.S. Shipping Board on 11 April 1919 and to her owners in June.

Source: vidamaritima.com/2011/10/el-vapor-mauban/, from the book La CompaƱia General de Tabacos de Filipinas, 1881-1991.


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