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Photo #  NH 105225:  S.S. Moldegaard, later USS Moldegaard (ID # 4324) circa June 1917

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S.S. Moldegaard (Norwegian, later Canadian and American, Freighter, 1906)
Served as USS Moldegaard (ID # 4324) in 1918-1919

Moldegaard, a 2852 gross ton (6200 tons displacement) cargo ship, was built at Bergen, Norway, in 1909 for a Norwegian firm. In 1913 she was sold to the Ocean Freight Line, re-registered in Toronto under the British Flag, and rebuilt at New York. In late 1914 her owner transferred her from the British to the American flag. During World War I the ship was chartered by General Pershing to carry Army supplies within the European theater and was manned by a Shipping Board crew. The Navy took her over and commissioned her as USS Moldegaard (ID # 4324) at Cardiff, Wales, on 30 October 1918, assigning her to the French coal trade with her base at Cardiff. She carried coal between Cardiff and Barry Roads in Wales and Brest, La Pallice, and Verdon in France until April 1919, when she was released from the Army coal trade at Brest. Sailing via Barry Roads she arrived back at New York in June. Moldegaard was decommissioned and returned to her American owner, the A.H. Bull Steamship Company of New York City, on 16 September 1919. She was sold to a Norwegian firm in late 1923 or early 1924 and disappeared from Lloyd's Register in 1926. This ship may be the Moldegaard that was stranded near Three Fathom Harbor, Nova Scotia, in May 1925.

This page features all available views concerning the freighter Moldegaard, which was USS Moldegaard (ID # 4324) in 1918-1919.

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Photo #: NH 105225

S.S. Moldegaard
(American Freighter, 1906)

In port, possibly when inspected by the Third Naval District on 24 September 1919 just after her naval service. This Norwegian-built, former Canadian freighter was in commission as USS Moldegaard (ID # 4324) from 30 October 1918 to 16 September 1919.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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