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Photo #  NH 546:  Forecastle of S.S. Ockenfels, June 1917

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S.S. Ockenfels (American, ex-German, Freighter, 1910). Renamed Pequot in 1917.
Served as USS Pequot (ID # 2998) in 1918-1919

S.S. Ockenfels, a 12,500 ton (displacement) freighter, was built in 1910 at Geestemünde, Germany, for commercial employment under the German flag. When World War I made the high seas unsafe for German shipping, she took refuge at New York, remaining there until the United States entered the conflict in April 1917. Ockenfels was then seized by the U.S. Government and became part of the American merchant marine. Soon renamed Pequot, she was civilian operated until late October 1918, when the Navy took her over and placed her in commission as USS Pequot (ID # 2998). She was assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service and used to carry general cargo during the next eight months. Pequot was returned to the U.S. Shipping Board in July 1919.

This page features all available views concerning the freighter Ockenfels, which was renamed Pequot in 1917 and was USS Pequot (ID # 2998) in 1918-1919.

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Photo #: None

S.S. Ockenfels
(German Freighter, 1910)

On trials in Blexen Roadstead near Bremerhaven ca. May 1910 in the colors of the German "Hansa" Steamship Co.

Source: www.ddghansa-shipsphotos.de from the collection of the Staatsarchiv Bremen.

Photo #: NH 546

S.S. Ockenfels

(American Freighter, formerly the German S.S. Ockenfels of 1910)

View looking forward over the ship's forecastle, 28 June 1917.
Note 3"/50 gun mounted on the forecastle deck's starboard side. Though not in commissioned U.S. Navy service, Ockenfels is flying a Navy jack at her bow, perhaps to signify that Navy armed guard personnel are manning her guns.
This ship served as USS Pequot (ID # 2998) in 1918-1919.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 111KB; 740 x 575 pixels

Photo #: NH 41712

S.S. Ockenfels
(American Freighter, formerly the German S.S. Ockenfels of 1910)

Sailors boresighting a 3"/50 gun mounted on board the ship, circa 1917.
This ship later served as USS Pequot (ID # 2998).

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 69KB; 740 x 505 pixels

Photo #: NH 104698

USS Pequot
(ID # 2998)

Ship's Officers and Crew pose on and in front of her superstructure face, while she was at Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 23 February 1919.
The original photograph was printed on post card stock.

Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2007.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 105KB; 625 x 765 pixels


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