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Photo #  NH 105233:  S.S. Severance circa November 1917

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S.S. Severance (American Freighter, 1909)
Previously named Gladstone and Marina Quezada.
Served as USS Severance (ID # 2063) in 1918-1919.
Later renamed Yankee Sword

Severance, a 4927 gross ton (9769 tons displacement) freighter, was built at Stockton on Tees, England, in 1909 for a Norwegian firm as Gladstone. She was a bulk cargo carrier of the trunk deck type, with distinctive continuous hatch openings atop long coamings about a deck level high that were inset from the hull sides. In 1914 the ship was sold to a Costa Rican owner and became Marina Quezada, and in 1917 she became the American Severance. The Navy took her over at New York on 19 August 1918, placing her in commission at that time as USS Severance (ID # 2063). Sailing on 3 September for Norfolk, after arrival there she loaded a cargo of locomotives and general Army supplies, subsequently crossing the Atlantic as part of a convoy that left Norfolk on 7 September and arrived at Brest, France, on 25 September. She returned to New York on 2 November 1918 and again steamed to France in late November, carrying general cargo. Severance departed France in late January 1919 and arrived at Philadelphia in late February after a stop at Bermuda. She was decommissioned and simultaneously returned to the Shipping Board and her owners on 3 March 1919. Renamed Yankee Sword in 1941, she was scrapped at Philadelphia in 1948.

This page features all available views concerning the American freighter Severance, formerly Marina Quezada and Gladstone, which was USS Severance (ID # 2063) in 1918-1919.

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Photo #: NH 105233

S.S. Severance
(American Freighter, 1909)

In port, probably at New York when she was inspected there on 21 November 1917. This British-built trunk deck steamer had previously sailed under the Costa Rican and, initially, Norwegian flags. She was in commission as USS Severance (ID # 2063) from 19 August 1918 to 3 March 1919.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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