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Photo #  NH 105240:  S.S. Zaanland, later USS Zaanland (ID # 2746) circa March 1918

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S.S. Zaanland (Dutch Freighter, 1900)
Served as USS Zaanland (ID # 2746) in 1918

Zaanland, a 5417 gross ton freighter, was built at Port Glasgow, Scotland, in 1900 for the Royal Dutch Lloyd shipping company. On 20 March 1918 she was seized at Newport News, Virginia, by the United States Government under the right of angary, which allowed a belligerent power to use the property of a neutral nation if necessary, subject to full indemnification. The Navy took her over and commissioned her as USS Zaanland (ID # 2746) on 29 March 1918. On 4 April 1918 the ship sailed for New Orleans to load an Army cargo, then returned to Hampton Roads for fuel. Steaming to New York, she joined a convoy bound for La Pallice, France, which sailed on 3 May 1918. At around 9:00 PM Greenwich mean time on 12 May the convoy was engulfed in dense fog, and at 11:45 PM the tanker USS Hisko (ID # 1953) radioed that she had been in collision with an unknown "westbound" vessel. At 1:11 AM on 13 May the collier USS Munalbro radioed that she had taken on board the entire crew of USS Zaanland, which had been in collision with an unknown vessel and was making water. Zaanland, which had probably collided with Hisko after suffering a steering casualty, sank before salvage attempts could begin.

This page features all available views concerning the Dutch freighter Zaanland, which was USS Zaanland (ID # 2746) in 1918.

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Photo #: None

S.S. Zaanland
(Dutch Freighter, 1900)

Photographed in Dutch commercial service.

Source: www.wivonet.nl/khlpag35.htm (in 2007)

Photo #: NH 105240

S.S. Zaanland
(Dutch Freighter, 1900)

In port wearing Dutch neutrality markings. This ship was commissioned as USS Zaanland (ID # 2746) on 29 March 1918 and sank after colliding with the tanker USS Hisko (ID # 1953) in bad visibility while in a convoy on 13 May 1918.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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