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Photo # NH 102945:  USS Maui in port, 1919


with One Smokestack (aft) and Three Masts

Three of the U.S. Navy's WWI era transports had three masts and one smokestack, with the latter located well aft of amidships. Owned by the Matson Line, they had operated in the Pacific prior to joining the Navy, and returned to that ocean after leaving Government service in 1919.

All three were of similar appearance, with one mast located forward, one essentially in the middle of the ship, and one aft of the smokestack. Matsonia and Maui were considerably larger than the Wilhelmina and had flush weather decks. Maui's upper superstructure was notably longer and higher than Matsonia's. She also wore a large letter "M" on each side of her smokestack. Wilhelmina, the smaller ship, can be readily distinguished by the deep well deck between her foremast and superstructure.

This page features a table (with links to individual ships) of World War I era U.S. Navy transports with one smokestack and three masts, plus a photograph of each ship in this group.

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Ships in this group:

THREE SHIPS with ONE SMOKESTACK (located AFT) and THREE MASTS, subdivided as shown below:

Two medium-size ships:

  • Matsonia, USN 1918-1919 (ex-American S.S. Matsonia, 1913).
  • 9728 Gross Tons, Length 480.0', Beam 58.1', Comm. 1 Mar 18, Decom. 17 Sep 19, ID # 1589
  • Maui, USN 1918-1919 (ex-American S.S. Maui, 1917).
  • 10,261 Gross Tons, Length 484.0', Beam 58.0', Comm. 6 Mar 18, Decom. 8 Sep 19, ID # 1514


     USS Matsonia, circa 1919:

     USS Maui, 1919:


    One relatively small ship:

  • Wilhelmina, USN 1918-1919 (ex-American S.S. Wilhelmina, 1909).
  • 6954 Gross Tons, Length 426.1', Beam 54.2', Comm. 26 Jan 18, Decom. 16 Aug 19, ID # 2168


     USS Wilhelmina, 1918:


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