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USS Canonicus (MMA 12) in reserve after 1955.
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Class: CAMANCHE (ACM 11)
Design: Army MP Design 201
Displacement (tons): #,###
Dimensions (feet): 188'8" x 37.0' x 17'9" moulded depth
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: ###
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): 600
Machinery: Skinner Uniflow reciprocating steam, 2 screws

11CAMANCHE2 Dec 1949Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV19411942No
12CANONICUS20 Dec 1949Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV19417 Sep 1942Dec 1949
13MIANTONOMAH25 Jan 1950Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV194124 Dec 194225 Jan 1950
14MONADNOCK21 Mar 1951Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV19411942No
15NAUSETT21 Mar 1951Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV19411942No
16PURITAN21 Mar 1951Marietta, Pt. Pleasant, WV19411942No

ACMNameTDecomm/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
11CAMANCHE--1 Jul 19602 Feb 1961Sold--
12CANONICUS--1 Jul 196030 Jan 1961Sold--
13MIANTONOMAH10 Jul 19551 Jul 196017 Feb 1961Sold--
14MONADNOCK--1 Jul 196014 Mar 1961Sold--
15NAUSETT--1 Jul 196017 May 1961Sold--
16PURITAN--1 Nov 195925 May 1960Sold--

Class Notes:
Built for the U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps, Mine Planter Service, to Army Design 201 for a 188-foot twin-screw steel steam-propelled mine planter. The specifications were dated November 1940 and modified in May 1941. The contract for MP 1-12 was dated 18 January 1941 and the ships were delivered between April and December 1942. A second contract dated 4 August 1941 was added for MP 13-16 which were delivered between February and May 1943. Of these 16 ships the Navy took over eight during World War II as ACM 1-3 and 5-8 (see the CHIMO (ACM 1) class) and never took over MP 4 or MP 6 (GEN SAMUEL L. MILLS and BG HENRY L. ABBOTT respectively). All six to ACM without names when acq., from ACM to MMA 7 Feb 1955 and named 1 May 1955. Note that the Navy name of ACM 13 was spelled with "AH" at the end, not the traditional "OH."

Ship Notes:
11CAMANCHEEx Army BG ROYAL T. FRANK (MP 12, deliv Dec 1942). Comm. 28 Nov 1942 (Army). To reserve fleet at New York after acq., never comm. in USN. Merc. PILGRIM 1961 and later CAPE COD. Fate unk.
12CANONICUSEx Army MG ERASMUS WEAVER (MP 10, deliv ca. Nov 1942). In comm. in USN Dec 1949 to Mar 1955 in the Canal Zone, then to reserve at Philadelphia. Merc. OCEAN STAR 1961, pilot boat NEW JERSEY (PILOT NO. 2) 1969. BU 1993.
13MIANTONOMAHEx Army COL HORACE F. SPURGIN (MP 14, deliv. Mar 1943). In comm. in USN 25 Jan 1950 to 10 Jul 1955 operating from Terminal Is., then to reserve at Long Beach. Merc. NAUTILUS 1963, ALEUTIAN MIST 1990, NEW STAR 1991. In 2009 was breakwater at Tacoma, WA. BU 2013.
14MONADNOCKEx Army MAJ SAMUEL RINGGOLD (MP 11, deliv ca. Dec 1942). To reserve fleet at Boston, MA. after acq., never comm. in USN. Merc. THITI, AMAZONIA, and in 1980s DEAR. Fate unk.
15NAUSETTEx Army MG WALLACE F. RANDOLPH (MP 7, deliv ca. Oct 1942). to reserve fleet at Charleston, SC, after acq., later at Green Cove Springs, FL., never comm. in USN. [Sale 18 Apr 61 SLM] Merc. SEA SEARCHER, then THUNDERBOLT as a stationary target for lightning research. Scuttled as artificial reef 3 Mar 1986.
16PURITANEx Army COL ALFRED A. MAYBACH (MP 13, deliv Feb 1943). Trf. to USN approved 7 Mar 1951, to reserve fleet at San Francisco after acq., later at Mare Is., never comm. in USN. Fate unk.

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