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USS Yellowstone (AD 41).
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Design: SCB Project No. 700.FY.
Displacement (tons): 13,315 light, 20,263 full (AD 41)
Dimensions (feet): 642' oa, 620' wl x 85' e/wl x 27' max nav.
Original Armament: 4-20mm
Later Armaments:
Complement: 87 officers, 1,508 enlisted (AD 41)
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: Turbines, 1 screw

41YELLOWSTONE15 Dec 1975National Steel, San Diego27 Jun 197727 Jan 197928 Jun 1980
42ACADIA11 Mar 1976National Steel, San Diego14 Feb 197828 Jul 19796 Jun 1981
43CAPE COD30 Sep 1977National Steel, San Diego27 Jan 19792 Aug 198017 Apr 1982
44SHENENDOAH12 Jun 1979National Steel, San Diego2 Aug 19806 Feb 198215 Aug 1983

ASNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
41YELLOWSTONE31 Jan 19967 Apr 199928 Jul 2001MA/T17 Dec 2014/D
42ACADIA16 Dec 199413 Dec 200720 Sep 2010Target--
43CAPE COD29 Sep 19957 Apr 199928 Jul 2001MA/T16 Feb 2012
44SHENENDOAH13 Sep 19967 Apr 199928 Jul 2001MA/T20 Nov 2014/D

Class Notes:
AD 41-44 were of the GOMPERS (SCB 700.FY) design, although the Navy regarded them as a separate class. They were all built by General Dynamics, National Steel and Shipbuilding Corp., San Diego. AD 45 was proposed but not built. Like AD 37-38, the four later ships were decommissioned in 1994-1996 after the Navy abandoned the use of forward deployed tenders to support operating forces.

Ship Notes:
41YELLOWSTONEFY 1975. 16 years in commission. To MA custody 6 Apr 2000. Departed MA custody 17 Dec 2014.
42ACADIAFY 1976. 13 years in commission. Laid up at NISMF Pearl Harbor. Sunk as target off Guam.
43CAPE CODFY 1977. 13 years in commission. To MA custody 29 Sep 2000. Departed MA custody 30 Mar 2012 enroute ESCO Marine, Brownsville.
44SHENANDOAHFY 1979. 13 years in commission. To MA custody 2 Nov 2000. Departed MA custody 20 Nov 2014.

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