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USAT Grommet Reefer in 1948 at Seattle.
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Design: MC R1-M-AV3 (refrigerated) ex C1-M-AV1
Displacement (tons): 3,277 light, 8,360 full
Dimensions (feet): 339' oa, 320' wl x 50' e/wl x 21'
Armament: none
Accommodations: 11 officers, 28 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 10
Propulsion (HP): 1,700
Machinery: Diesel, 1 screw

53GROMMET REEFER1 Mar 1950Walter Butler SB, Duluth1 Jan 194429 Jul 19441 Mar 1950

AFNameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
53GROMMET REEFERT--20 Oct 195315 Dec 1952Lost23 Jul 1953

Class Notes:
AF 53 was among the Army ships operating out of continental US ports that were to be acquired on 1 Mar 1950 for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 21 Feb 1950. She was acquired on 23 February 1950 effective 1 March 1950 and was assigned the status "Active, In service" in MSTS on 24 February 1950 . She was shifted from the Northern Pacific to the Atlantic in February 1952.

Ship Notes:
53GROMMET REEFER2243Launched as KENNETH E GRUENNERT of the C1-M-AV1 type, completed 9 Dec 1944, renamed GROMMET REEFER 1945 and redesignated R1-M-AV3. Delivered to commercial operator at New Orleans 31 May 1945. To Army 23 Sep 1948. To MSTS 1 Mar 1950. Heavy seas and hight winds caused her to drag anchor, go aground, and later break in half near Leghorn, Italy, on 15 December 1952. Bow raised followed by stern, declared constructive total loss 18 Mar 1953, sold 4 Jun 1953, to MA and sale completed 23 Jul 1953.

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