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USS Regulus (AF 57) on 8 December 1955.

USS Regulus (AF 57) on 8 December 1955. She had two more twin 3"/50 mounts on the bow, also on the centerline.
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Class: DENEBOLA (AF 56) and ASTERION (T-AF 63), VC2-S-AP3
Design: SCB Project No. 57, conversion of MC VC2-S-AP3
Displacement (tons): 6,700 light, 11,900 full
Dimensions (feet): 455' oa, 437' wl x 62' e/wl x 24' max nav
Armament: (AF 56-57): 4-3"/50T; (AF 56-57: 1965) 2-3"/50T; (T-AF 63-64): none
Accommodations: 17 officers, 277 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 17
Propulsion (HP): 8,500
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/750deg), 1 screw

56DENEBOLA3 May 1952Oregon SB2 May 194410 Jun 194420 Jan 1954
57REGULUS5 May 1952Oregon SB29 Apr 19447 Jun 19443 Feb 1954
63ASTERION7 Nov 1961California SB10 Jun 194427 Jul 1944Sep 1962
64PERSEUS7 Nov 1961Oregon SB30 Mar 194511 May 1945Sep 1962

AFNameTDecom/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
56DENEBOLA30 Apr 197630 Apr 197617 Nov 1976MA/S--
57REGULUS10 Sep 197110 Sep 197117 Aug 1971Lost--
63ASTERIONT8 Jun 1973/C15 Jun 197331 Aug 1973MA/S--
64PERSEUSTJun 1973/C15 Jun 197331 Aug 1973MA/S--

Class Notes:
The MARAD Victory ships HIBBING VICTORY and ESCANABA VICTORY were designated for conversion to refrigerated store ships (AF) under the FY 1952 shipbuilding and conversion program. On 15 December 1951 the names DENEBOLA and REGULUS and designations AF 56 and AF 57 were approved for these ships. On 15 February 1952 the Navy contracted with George G Sharp to prepare plans for the conversions, and soon afterwards a contract was concluded with Todd Shipyards Corp. to perform the conversions. The ships were expected to arrive in New York about 15 April 1952 at which time they were to be redelivered to MARAD by the commercial firms then operating them under charter and then delivered by MARAD to the Commandant of the Third Naval District for transfer to the conversion yards. Approved characteristics for an AF conversion, SCB Project No. 57, were promulgated on 26 November 1952 with a single change on 28 July 1954. DENEBOLA and REGULUS originally had four twin 3"/50 mounts on the centerline, two forward and two aft, but their after mounts were soon replaced by a flight deck.

Commander MSTS on 29 September 1961 requested approval for the acquisition of two Victory ships for conversion to MSTS reefer ships (without the armament and other military features of AF 56-57). The Commerce Department on 25 October 1961 authorized the transfer of two Victory ships from the National Defense Reserve Fleet to the Navy. Bids for activation and conversion of the ships were solicited nationwide, and as a result MSTS informed CNO on 2 November 1961 that it had selected ARCADIA VICTORY (MCV 41) and UNION VICTORY (MCV 683). On 4 December 1961 SECNAV assigned to them respectively the new classifications and names ASTERION (AF 63) and PERSEUS (AF 64). After their MSTS service, ASTERION and PERSEUS briefly went to MSC RRF (MA temporary custody in MSC ready status) between 2 April (8 June for ASTERION) and 15 June 1973.

Ship Notes:
56DENEBOLA113FY 1952. Ex HIBBING VICTORY (completed 30 Jun 1944). Converted by Todd, Brooklyn. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. Title to MA and buyer when sold by MA 17 Nov 1976.
57REGULUS112FY 1952. Ex ESCANABA VICTORY (completed 29 Jun 1944). Converted by Todd, Brooklyn. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. Blown ashore on Kau I Island in a typhoon at Hong Kong 17 Aug 1971 and broken in half, decomm. 10 Sep 1971 and BU in place.
63ASTERION41FY 1962. Ex ARCADIA VICTORY (completed 3 Sep 1944). On list 4 Dec 1961. Converted by Willamette Iron & Steel, Portland, Ore. Completed last voyage at Yokohama and to MA custody there 8 Jun 1973. To buyer 18 Sep 1973.
64PERSEUS683FY 1962. Ex UNION VICTORY (completed 8 Jun 1945). On list 4 Dec 1961. Converted by Willamette Iron & Steel, Portland, Ore. To buyer 20 Sep 1973.

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