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USS King County (AG 157) on 10 December 1958.
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Class: KING COUNTY (AG 157, ex LST 857)
Design: Navy LST 542
Displacement (tons): [est.] 1,780 light, 3,640 full
Dimensions (feet): 328' oa, 316' wl x 50' e/wl x 14' max nav
Armament: 2-40mmT, 6-40mmS, 6-20mmT
Accommodations: unk.
Speed (kts.): 12
Propulsion (HP): 1,800
Machinery: Geared diesel, 2 screws

157KING COUNTY17 May 1958Chicago Bridge19 Sep 19446 Dec 1944COM/SRV

AGNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
157KING COUNTY28 Jul 19601 Aug 196025 Apr 1961Navy sale--

Class Notes:
On 5 June 1956 BUSHIPS requested approval of a project to convert an LST to test the design of launching, handling and stowage equipment for the missile to be used in SSG(N) 587. He further stated that the cost could be covered by using funds in FY 1956 for the design and development of the submarine. The Assistant CNO for Fleet Operations and Readiness reported to VCNO on 20 July 1956 that the characteristics for the submarine required the missile launcher to take REGULUS II initially and subsequently TRITON and that the proposed test vessel would permit timely development of the REGULUS II - TRITON missile weapon system while saving much time, money, and effort. He noted that if the LST were placed in service but out of commission and assigned to the administrative structure of a shore activity, a total of 3 officers and 28 enlisted men could meet the minimum personnel requirements and not be charged to fleet allocations. On this basis he recommended approval of the proposed conversion. The conversion was carried out, the ship receiving replicas of the submarine's sail, launch system and missile magazine, but the suggestion for austere manning were not followed and the ship was placed in regular commission for the tests. After completion of the tests KING COUNTY was used as an instrumentation and telemetry ship on the Pacific Missile Range until being relieved by RANGE RECOVERER (AGM 2)

Ship Notes:
157KING COUNTY(ex-LST 857, completed 18 Dec 1944)

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