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USNS Flyer (T-AG 178) possibly on 12 October 1971.

USNS Flyer (T-AG 178) possibly on 12 October 1971.
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Class: FLYER (T-AG 178, C2-S-B1)
Design: MC C2-S-B1
Displacement (tons): 7,360 light, 11,000 full
Dimensions (feet): 459' oa, 435' wl x 63' e/wl x 27' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 53
Speed (kts.): 17
Propulsion (HP): 6,000
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (450psi/750deg), 1 screw

178FLYER9 Feb 1965Moore DD, Oakland30 Oct 194420 Dec 19449 Feb 1965

AGNameTOOSStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
178FLYERT197517 Jul 197527 Apr 1976MA/S

Class Notes:
SS WATER WITCH, a Maritime Commission non-refrigerated C2-S-B1 freighter entered merchant service on 14 March 1945. She was renamed AMERICAN FLYER on 27 December 1946 after passing to the U.S. Lines Co. and sailed for them until being placed in the James River Reserve Fleet on 14 December 1964. Less than two months later on 9 February 1965 AMERICAN FLYER was withdrawn from the reserve fleet and transferred to MSTS, and on 22 March 1965 SECNAV assigned the name and classification FLYER (T-AG 178) to the ship. She was used as a deep ocean bathymetric survey ship to survey and map the sea bottom in support of Project CAESAR, the installation of the Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS). She initially operated in North Atlantic waters with USNS ALBERT J MYER (T-ARC 6) under the administrative control of COMSTS Atlantic Area. In late 1966 she was overhauled at Tampa Ship Repair, Tampa, Fla., and then transferred on 1 February 1967 to COMSTS Pacific Area to continue work for Project Caesar there.

On 1 April 1975 the Naval Electronic Systems Command (NAVELEX) informed MSC that after completion of removal of its equipment from FLYER it no longer had a requirement for that ship and recommended disposal as soon as possible. At the same time NAVELEX informed MSC that it had a firm requirement for USNS MIZAR (T-AGOR 11) and strongly desired to assume sponsorship of her as soon as possible after the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) completed removal of its equipment from that ship in July 1975.

Ship Notes:
178FLYER1209(ex AMERICAN FLYER, ex WATER WITCH 1946, compl. 14 Mar 1945). FY 1965. On list 1 Mar 1965. To MA custody 22 Jul 1975.

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