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USNS AG 335 (T-AG 335) in 1969 or 1970 displaying her AG name and designation.

USNS AG 335 (T-AG 335) in 1969 or 1970 displaying her AG name and designation."
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Class: AG 335 (T-AG 335, ex LSM)
Design: Navy LSM 1
Displacement (tons): 520 light, 1,095 full
Dimensions (feet): 204' oa, 197' wl x 35' e x 7' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 12 officers, 21 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 13
Propulsion (HP): 3,600
Machinery: Diesel (direct), 2 screw

335AG 3351 Jan 1969Pullman Std. Car26 Jul 194410 Nov 1944COM/SRV

AGNameTDecomm/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart

Class Notes:
On 15 June 1951 Commander MSTS asked CNO to assign an LSM from the Pacific Reserve Fleet to MSTS for duty in MSTSWESTPAC. He explained that such an amphibious type vessel was required for the logistic support of certain Air Force activities located on outlying Japanese islands. Japanese commercial shipping to these islands was unsatisfactory for transporting passengers and the conventional type vessels then assigned to MSTSWESTPAC were unsuitable for beach landings. CNO approved this request on 21 June 1951, directing the activation of a vessel from the Columbia River Group. COMSTSNORPACAREA (which covered the Columbia River) reported on 25 June that LSM 335 had been selected and would depart Astoria about 27 June. On 27 June COMSTS directed COMSTSNORPACAREA, after conversion and when the ship was in all respects ready for sea, to place the her in active status, in service as USNS LSM 335 (T-LSM 335). The ship was then to report to COMSTSWESTPAC for duty.

USNS LSM-335 was assigned to COMSTSFE on 8 September 1951 to provide cargo service within the Ryukyu Islands. Among her many duties was the resupply of USAF radar sites in the island chain. She also acted as a general-purpose shuttle in the Ruykyus, carrying vehicles and general cargo and supporting communities there in ways including carrying baseball and soccer teams to and from games in the island chain. On 25 September 1968 effective 1 January 1969, not long before leaving service, LSM 335 was reclassified to AG 335 (T-AG 335), retaining her LSM number as an AG.

Ship Notes:
335AG 335(ex-LSM 335, completed 9 Dec 1944). Requested by MSTS 15 Jun 1951. Renamed USNS AG 335 (T-AG 335) effective 1 Jan 1969. Trf. to Dept of the Interior c1970.

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