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USS La Salle (AGF 3).
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Class: LA SALLE (AGF 3)
Design: SCB Project No. 187 (Navy LPD 1 class)
Displacement (tons): 9,559 light, 13,634 full
Dimensions (feet): 522' oa, 500'wl x 107' e, 84'wl x 22' max nav
Armament: 4-3"/50T; (1982) 2-3"/50T, 2-CIWS; (1990) 2-3"/50T, 2-25mmS, 2-CIWS; (1993) 2-25mmS, 2-CIWS
Accommodations: 72 officers and 593 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 21.6 (20 sustained)
Propulsion (HP): 24,000
Machinery: Steam turbines, 2 boilers (600psi), 2 screws

3LA SALLE1 Jul 1972NSY New York2 Apr 19623 Aug 1963COMM

AGFNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
3LA SALLE27 May 200527 May 200511 Apr 2007Target--

Class Notes:
Ordered on 8 Aug 1960 as a an Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 3) and commissioned on 22 Feb 1964. She was basically as LPD 1-2 but had an extra navigating bridge level for an amphibious force flag commander. On 11 January 1972 effective 1 July 1972 CNO changed the designation of the ship from LPD 3 to AGF 3 and she was converted at NSY Philadelphia into a flagship for Commander, Sixth Fleet. She was decommissioned and struck on 27 May 2005, having being relieved by MOUNT WHITNEY (LCC 20). A similar but larger ship, CORONADO (LPD 11), which had a similar flag bridge, became AGF 11 on 1 Oct 1980 as flagship for Commander, Third Fleet.

Ship Notes:
3LA SALLEFY 1961 as LPD 3.

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