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USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenburg (T-AGM 10) in July 1965.
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Design: MC C4-S-A1
Displacement (tons): #,###
Dimensions (feet): ###.#' x ##.#' x ##.#'
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: ###
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: turbines, # screw

9GENERAL H. H. ARNOLD1 Jul 1964Kaiser, Richmond #316 Dec 194327 Apr 1944COM/SRV
10GEN. HOYT S. VANDENBERG1 Jul 1964Kaiser, Richmond #322 Feb 194310 Oct 1943COM/SRV

AGMNameTOOSStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
9GENERAL H. H. ARNOLDT19821 Mar 198225 Mar 1982MA/C8 Jun 1982
10GEN. HOYT S. VANDENBERGT8 Feb 198329 Apr 19934 Feb 1994MA/T--

Class Notes:
These were among ten Air Force ships assigned to MSTS by the Secretary of Defense on 16 November 1963 and directed on 1 May 1964 to be instated or reinstated in the Naval Vessel Register effective the first day of the month following the date of their acceptance by the Navy. These became T-AGM 9 to T-AGM 18. Both on list 1 Jul 1964.

Ship Notes:
9GENERAL H. H. ARNOLD662(ex-AP-139) (ex-GEN. R.E. CALLAN, AP 139, compl. 7 Jun 1944). To USAF 6 Jun 1961. To MA custody 25 Mar 1982. To buyer 25 Oct 1982.
10GEN. HOYT S. VANDENBERG702(ex-AP-145, compl. 29 Mar 1944) (ex-GEN. HARRY TAYLOR, AP 145). To USAF 15 Jul 1961. USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg (ORV-1907). To MA custody 8 Feb 1983, title to MA 4 Feb 1994. Temporarily titled back to NAVSEA 10 Sep 1996, withdrawn from JRRF 25 Sep 1996. Used for film "Virus" early 1997, returned to JRRF 19 Jun 1997, title back to MA 1 May 1999. Approved for transfer from MA to the state of Florida 13 Feb 2007 for reefing, sunk as artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 27 May 2009.

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